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Thread: BMW OpenBM Skin for E39 - Step 2/3

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    BMW OpenBM Skin for E39 - Step 2/3


    I'm using in my BMW E39 the OpenBM CarPC-System.

    At this time i'm using RideRunner with iGoBMW skin from the Board. But i want a own skin, without any functions(like Vol+/-) or add other new functions.
    So i try in next time to create one screen after each other.
    My skin is inspired by iGoBMW Skin. The graphics are designed with corel draw.

    The resolution of the skin is 1066x600, because i can see in the graphicprogramm the right aspect.
    The Plugin IBUSCommunicatoRR will be integrated.

    The Basic Screens are Done :-)

    I think, i can release the Skin in few weeks.

    - MAIN
    - Exit
    - Video
    - Music
    - Visual
    - Browser
    - Mixer
    - EQ Presets
    - OSK
    - I-Bus-Information Screen (in progress)
    - some Setting and App Screens

    Included Plugins:
    - IBuscommunicatoRR
    - MediaArt

    next time i will add:
    - OpenBM Settings

    here you can see the current result (gif Slideshow):
    Name:  OpenBM.gif
Views: 1608
Size:  1.40 MB
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    e39 only skin sounds great for me, mate . any progress on it, cheers

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    I do not know how to install
    for my bmw I xbmc
    and plugin
    I do not install it

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    please note, this thread is in the RideRunner area.

    The skin (for RR) is already in progress.

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