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    Hey guys.

    So I've been working on this for a while now, slowly chipping away at creating something as complete as possible while showing off exactly what RR is truly capable of. I really liked the new cadillac cue system, and so decided to take what I've learned over the past few years reading this forum and attempt to build a RR skin for it. I want to thank everyone on the forum here who's helped answer questions, because without your support, this would have never got off the ground. It's far from complete, but as work has eaten away more and more of my free time lately, I have no idea when it will be done....and in all honesty, one thing I've learned from this site- it's never "complete". I'm sure many of you agree that we spend countless hours tweaking, adjusting and creating skins to suit our tastes and mood, only to find ourselves still looking to do more.

    Here's an outline of the skin including some screenshots, features and a list of things still being worked on:

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    List of plugins used: (not complete/working yet)
    Ride runner fusion
    RR fuel prices
    iGo8 - custom created skin (this took forever to first learn how to do, then actually do it! lol)
    FlyToMenu - the shortcuts at the bottom scroll side to side, and when you click the small arrow at the bottom, a larger flytomenu pops up with more shortcuts. In order for everything to work smoothly, the shortcuts were "hardcoded" with fixed labels in the graphics as I couldn't seem to use a programmable label over top of the menu and get things to work properly. Not all shortcut buttons are coded yet. To change a shortcut, you'll just have to modify the text for it in photoshop then program the button accordingly

    Features Pending:
    1) - trying to get bluesoleil and the plugin to play nice with my iphone has been a major PITA. Would be real nice if someone was smart enough to create a new plugin to handle bluetooth directly instead of having to use BS
    2) Notebook - Plan is to have this work like the "Notes" app on an iphone where you can create and store and edit messages
    3) Camera - just needs a skin.
    4) Maintenance - having issues with the plugin being unable to delete stored entries. Also need to create a few more skin files.
    5) Email - still waiting on a good email plugin that allows reading and sending messages
    6) Voice commands
    7) Iphone/Ipod support - Do we have a plugin that can do this yet?

    Disclaimer: As I've taken a long time to develop this, I've programmed things across multiple versions of RR as well as multiple versions of certain plugins, thus, I'm not sure how well things will work from system to system. This is intended for you guys to experiment with and customize to your liking, and is recommended for users familiar with the RR code and the plugins I've used with this skin. I'm releasing essentially my skin folder which includes all the skin graphics and coding for the skin. Just put it in your RR "skin" folder. Feel free to modify, add to and make changes to your taste. I have no idea when I'll get a chance to properly finish this, and figure some of you guys may enjoy playing around with it. The "" is my custom skin for iGo and should overwrite your in the iGo8 folder. Be sure to back up your original just in case.

    Hey guys, just realized I forgot to attach my custom weather images. Use the zip below and overwrite your weather folder in the main riderunner folder.
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    About time we had a new skin

    Nice one.

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    Looking Good
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    About time we had a new skin

    Nice one.
    I was thinking the exact same thing. Good job.
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    I will be following the progress , when you have it a bit more complete I will give it a try.

    Will the skin be customizable in color schemes?
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    Is't this the GM Cadillac layout.
    Good job.

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    following to see how progress goes. I might switch to this one.

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    I love it

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    That is a gorgeous skin!!

    Quote Originally Posted by suavecito View Post
    Is't this the GM Cadillac layout.
    Good job.
    He mentioned the Cadillac Cue system in his post as being the inspiration for this one.
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