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Thread: DigitalFX 4.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by nitefallz View Post
    Now I feel dumb. I didn't even see that in the searches.

    Works now, thanks!
    Don't feel bad, i knew it existed but couldn't find it with a search either. Just a matter of using the right search words.

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    The skin is perfect!! I'll make a donation for sure if I can be sure that this skin will work for me...

    I have a strange problem, I searched it here but I couldn't find a solution... I use Sb audigy 2 and in RR with digital fx 4.0 skin, when I push the "volume up" all the things in the sb mixer go up, including Microphone, line-in, cd, and also bass and treble... I only want it to increase the volume... But I can not make it work like that. Anyone who knows the solution?

    Ok I'm closer to the solution right now. I found that in the line mixer of digital fx skin, when I increase/Decrease the Wav also volume increases and decreases; but when I increase and decrease volume, everything increases and decreases. So I only need to find a way to control the VAW with volume increase and decrease buttons. How can I do that?

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    you neen to open up RRConfig and go to General > Pg 2 > bottom right "Map Master Volume..." and check to make sure that its set to "Master Volume" and not "All Lines"
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    Thank you very much!!

    And again, thanks for the nice skin, there will be one more donation coming for this skin!

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    Hmmmmm.. i'm running this on a Virtual PC ATM on a test rig, and the old problem of the Flash items not working has reared it's head. I've not got any AV or Firewall SW installed on the VP, but have the latest Flash plugins on there.

    I'm gonna have a cloeser look at the VPC build I've created... gotta be something there.....

    /\ Nope... all looks OK.. any ideas guys ? /\

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    For some reason nothing seems to work for me other then the Music button. cant even open the setting screen. Any idea?
    Got everything installed via installer and using the RR from the Helper file link...

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    after looking into the settings, it seems that anything with a LOAD command does not work. is there some sort of plug in that i left out? sorry for being a n00b

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    International (Russian) tags problem...

    Just started playing with RR and DigitalFX 4 skin... (best skin!).
    Ran into a problem with unicode (?).
    When in media browser (inside DFX4) all works correctly in the page which uses However, when I click on BROWSER button (switches to the Russian characters are all wrong. I suspect it's RMDb plugin problem? Or something else? Is there a workaround?
    Please help...
    (see attached pics)

    The bad (

    The good (


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    Finally got my weather to work on the car pc.
    Tried loads of settings and nothing worked. When you go into weather it was connecting and getting updates, just seemed not to be displaying the data and pictures.
    In the end I just copied my DT RR folder to the car and it works a peach.

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    BlueZX3 and John WPB, can you give me your details for paypal donations please, I can't see them anywhere obviously, and although I can't make a huge donation, I still want to give a little something for all your hard work.


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