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Thread: DigitalFX 4.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    Have you installed the Gas Prices Plugin?
    It is now. The readme file references a GPS button, but I guess there isn't one for this skin, the zip has to be entered manually.

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    Set default musc page to browser instead of player

    Is it possible to set up DFX4 to start with the music browser when I press the Music button from the main menu? I know I had this setup in DFX3, but cannot remember how and these seem different enough internally that it may not work the same. Anyhow, thanks for anyone who can help


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    DFX Button editor in the skin folder, find the music btn and click to change its properties.

    Then File>Save
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    this skin is awesome. I noticed in the configure button there is a traffic button.That goes to Florida traffic. Is there any way to make this a New York Traffic. How do I get Enforcer Gas to work.
    Really great skin, best one!!!!

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    I asked this awhile back. I believe it will be implemented in the next release that that default location can be changed.

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    I think the Florida traffic plugin was writen with autoit. are they any tutorias about it?
    I tried to use autoit to open the .exe but it could not opean it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue ZX3 View Post
    I think...reading your reply, that you took my above reply the wrong way . We both have and I would really truly like to figure out WTF is causing that. It has to be something in this skin as there are other skins that have dyno btns and don't display this same issue...but where to even start looking.

    We have even seen it occur with the P&H browse btn is used, so that really doesn't help.
    I have been experimenting with this problem, and for me it only happens the first time I touch in the top area after coming to the menu screen. It also has something to do with the song, artist, and album scrolling part of the screen and not just generally in the top area of the menu screen.

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    As blue mentioned, he and I have looked and looked for what could be causing it.

    I don't want to put the blame away from the skin, and into the RR source, but I swear, there is nothing in the skin that I know of that can cause this.

    However, it appears that RR is firing a press and hold on a button at random times, thus the menu choices are popping up as to select something put on one of the main menu buttons.

    The only time this seems to happen, is when leaving a pop-up menu, such as choosing search parameters in the music screen, the song ratings ect.

    The only what that screen should come up, is if you press and hold a main menu button for more than 2 seconds.

    This also happens now and then on the audio screens, as there is a press and hold button on that screen as well to switch the browser modes, the standard RR way, or using RRMedia database. On this screen it brings up the choice of browsers, as that is the only press and hold on that screen.

    I have been looking at the RR source code, and checked the press and hold section, and see nothing that could cause it either....

    The closest I can get to figuring it out, is whenever there is a pop-up screen it thinks it should start the press and hold timer, and when closing the pop up, RR has somehow thought that 2 seconds for press and hold has happened, and then RR is firing the press and hold command.
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