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Thread: DigitalFX 4.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue ZX3 View Post
    Ok...Who invited 'Simon Cowell' (guess who in ref ) to the forums....

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    i wouldnt mind if john ditches enforcer's plugins indefinitely. there is no need for this drama or headaches. this is supposed to be a fun hobby, especially when no significant money is being made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWPB View Post
    Download the button editor in the 2nd or 3rd post in this thread.

    It is a GUI written by BlueZX3 that makes it very easy to add a button by giving the name you want to call it, what command to run when pressed ect.


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    OK, OK. Two things, right now.

    1) E & J: Put down the steak knives and PM or phone each other before this becomes something a lot of us peons may regret. All we know is that the two of you have spent many thankless (read: unpaid) hours putting together some excellent software that we can only shake our collective heads at in wonder when it all comes together in the end. You guys are our heroes; think of the emotional scars it may leave if we witness such violent typing. I am reminded of a sequence from the Two Towers; 'ill mannered children or stupid servants overhearing the discourse of their elders, and wondering how it would affect their lot'.

    2) Completely disregard this post. I am nothing more than a fly on the wall, with the cranial capacity to boot.

    P.S. Please fix this latest issue. I don't want to spread any more E & J on top of all this bologna.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    See, and there it is, the F U part, you skinned the Gas which you needed, but you couldn't be arsed to do the petrol one.
    I'm not the one holding a steak knife in my hand I am trying to remain civil here as this is no place for a flame war, or name calling in ANY way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    See, and there it is, the F U part, you skinned the Gas which you needed, but you couldn't be arsed to do the petrol one.
    Honestly, it is also a matter of numbers. According to my stats on the download page: 62% of the downloads for the DFX skin last month are from the US. 36% are from China, Sweden Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Finland and Greece combined. 1% of downloads (one single download actually) is from the UK.

    As it stands, the Traffic cams plugin is 100% skinned, all graphics are done, and there is code on a main button in the skin to access it. All that is up to the end user is to go to Enforcers site and register, (PLEASE click on some of his Google ad's while you are there) When you are approved, usually he does this quickly, in just a day or so, you then go back to his forum and go to the traffic cams thread. Make a post in that thread, which will then un-hide the download link. Download and install it on your CarPC and you should be good to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkyPainter View Post
    ...I don't want to spread any more E & J on top of all this bologna.
    Don't! Pour it in a glass with some coke..
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    back on topic

    from my side of things as a beta tester for john and blue
    all i can say is they have done a grand job here ,as you would expect from DFX , clean , full of features , beta testing is going very well , no real problems , and the extra effort they are putting into makeing the whole DFX experience complete with the new bug tracker , that will be open to all on offical release , the istaller setup is going to save alot of users , searching about for things ,

    i'm not going to mention what is in here now , its not my place to say ,

    what i can say is you won't be disappointed

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    Wow, I guess it's time for a little distraction.....
    Tips bucket of squirrels on ground.....

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    Jebus, thanks a lot for this awesome release. I'm assuming this new .dll its the same that John and Blue will include on DFX5.

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    Correct, once we work thru any new found bugs/issues with it.
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