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Thread: DigitalFX 4.0

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    Got it, either it's not possible, or if it could be done, it would require too much code and it would make it heavy.

    But then I wonder how long will RR last then? Today voice is incompatible, tomorrow maybe more things people want will be...Like Windows 8 new power management profile (instant-on is promised). Then RR won't even be able to hibernate the computer anymore or whatever.

    But I digress sorry for the offtopic.

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    Putting the voice in the main code would actually make RR less likely to progress.

    It's the current voice which will not work on win 7.

    That's why having a seperate PI do it makes RR more flexible as a seperate voice PI can be written that is win 7 compatible.

    RR in it's current state will only fail on future Win OS's when they stop supporting the VB6 runtimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RipplingHurst View Post

    But then I wonder how long will RR last then?
    this thread has been dead months.. at least with the dfx4 talk. i totally agree with you, this is the problem with sticking to legacy software for new development. i understood it when vista first came out, it simply couldnt run on most older machines. but now with updates and subsequently win7, windows longhorn DOES run on slow hardware, and thats not going to change. we know for sure win8 is longhorn based, and most likely so will be 9 and 10... in my mind, writing for xp only severely limits your product, especially in our hobby. (even think of all the htpc users that would LOVE to just say "PLAY DVD: 300" and the movie starts)

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    Sapi 5.1 could be run in managed code with a com interop module.

    The issue with Vista and Vistb... err Win 7 is that SAPI 5.3 and 5.4 respectively are "melded" into the operating system. Vista and Win 7 has system wide VR out of the box which interferes with any "unmanaged" code that is present. It "elbows" it out of the way and recognizes system commands, even when you don't want it to.
    Now .Net 3.0 has a "sudo" sapi built in as managed code, but a complete rewrite of RRVoice would be necessary.

    Now as for legacy software being outdated, that is in one's own mind. It is only outdated if you deem it to be.
    RR is one amazing chunk of code. For those decrying RR's demise as outdated software, I challenge you to come up with anything better. In the language of your choice.

    Oh, thats right, many have tried and all have failed to write something that even comes close to RR. There are many other FE's out there, but what one is the most popular, most recognized, most used, most configurable, and the most robust FE there is?
    Thats right RideRunner.
    A very awesome chunk of VB6 code.

    So, we are "stuck", for me happily, with VB6 as the language of RR.
    With that said, RR and RRVoice will be "stuck" in the past for some and be very much in the future for most.
    Most being those who understand that a Car-PC does not need the latest and greatest OP System to work.

    MS wants you to believe that your old OP System is outdated and a security threat. And they are very succesfull at it. Thats their business model to survive. I don't blame them, I just don't buy into it...
    I do more with my outdated OP System than most do with their fancy new system...
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    Damn you John, now I'm going to have to spend more time and money on my system. Couldn't you have just left well enough alone?

    Seriously, that is quite impressive. Kudos to Jebus. The ability to go from one place to another without navigating through intervening screens is huge. Not only is it a great convenience, but it is far safer. Far less time is spent with eyes on the screen rather than on the road, especially for those of us who occasionally struggle with sunlight glare.

    Two questions: (1) What mechanism are you using to prompt the system to receive a command? (2) Where have you installed the mic in your car?

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    Ok, there are many many ways to get a button to work to instruct RRVoice to listen. Jebus has a serial program, and a schematic on how to put one together.

    I went the route of using a JoyCon. It is a tiny (About the size of a matchbook) piece of hardware designed to translate existing steering wheel controls in a car, and send the signals VIA USB to the CarPC.

    You do NOT need to have existing steering wheel controls in any way though, you can add them

    Here are a couple of good options, and some links to other threads discussing how it all works.

    A couple of threads with more information here on MP3Car:
    Thread #1
    Thread #2

    Sony RM-X11M - Marine quality remote, perfect for in a center console

    Sony RM-X4S - A stalk that looks similar to an existing cruise control, wipers kinda controller in the car.
    This is the one I am using here, and have set up the end button for voice recognition trigger. I then set up the other buttons for FF/RW Vol+/VOL- pause/play, mute ect ect..

    There's a lot of info in the threads above. As for the remotes, simply search Google for the model numbers. I got the stalk pictured above for $20 shipped on Ebay.

    As for the mic location, I do not have this set up in my car yet. In the testing video, the mic is currently in a shelf above my monitor about 3 feet away (1 meter). In the car, I play on mounting it either above the sun visor, or in my instrument cluster just above the steering column.
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    Thanks, John, for the information on RRVoice. Even Wifey said "Won't that be a lot safer?" I guess she's tired of saying a few Hail Mary's every time I start poking at the screen. It looks like I'm officially sucked into this one.

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    That didn't take much did it...heheh
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue ZX3 View Post
    That didn't take much did it...heheh
    I wonder if John is such a proponent of this because, deep down, he knows what was really going on when he plowed into that truck a while back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWPB View Post
    Ok, almost forgot, this is the mic I am using.
    John, that link sends to the bundled package, which includes a USB soundcard. The mp3car store has the same mic with a "Stereo USB Microphone Audio Adapter", which is $5.00 cheaper. Any idea what the difference is? Are you using the soundcard that came with the mic or your existing soundcard? I would like to continue to use my existing soundcard (Creative X-Fi) unless the mic just won't work with it.

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