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Thread: DigitalFX 4.0

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    That's awesome, gonna be way easier than browsing through my PL directory

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    wow, that virtual disc idea is great... looks much better than managing playlists

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    John, whens the sneak preview release coming out

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    @Dmistry - when your's hibernates, is that based on time, % or manual.
    @Brewdog52 - yes critical % is definable. And like you say, it's not the best, but it is a temporary workaround.

    @John - I'm pretty sure I have all the latest drivers. Will check again to be sure. Don't think it is that though since it hibernates with RR/BMV. I really do think it is one of the "under the hood" things. Once you release that, I may painstakingly disable them all and see if I can narrow it down. Hopefully your code is documented enough to make that less painful than sticking needles in my eye

    When you tested your laptop standby for 3 days - did you have all your USB devices plugged in? They draw power even during standby. Also thanks to your inclusion of speedfan, I've seen the effect of leaving a system on standby in the Fl sun. I'm not sure you are gonna want to do that in the summer. Your cpu or memory or HD might end up .


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    Quote Originally Posted by klundy View Post
    @Dmistry - when your's hibernates, is that based on time, % or manual.
    Ok sorry for the confusion I am not actually using a laptop, I am using a Micro ITX system I built, and I have a PSU that has jumpers on it which monitor the 5v rail and the 12v rail and when I shut of my ignition it puts the system in to sleep mode after 45 seconds, which is much quicker to resume from than hibernate. Then the 12V rail is monitored by my PSU and if it falls below 11.1V it sends a shutdown to the motherboard which in turn triggers a hibernation since thats how I have XP configured. So all my standby/hibernation stuff is done via hardware and OS has nothing to do with DFX or RR sorry

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    GPS Volume

    this worked with 2.0 but has reset with 3.0.

    IG4 volume does not lower music to specified % (20%). Suzie (IG4 voice) sounds garbled and WinAmp doesn't lower sound. I also tired the Mute option and WinAmp doesn't pause or mute.

    Am I missing a line in RR.ini? I do recall there being a formula ratio of WinAmp volume vs. IG Volume, but don't remember what that was.

    Found iPhone answer here. Thanks BD!

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    esko if you read through the thread you would see that I asked this question a while back. I did not get much of a response and i still have the same problem also. From some further reading I have done but not yet tried, one solution was to use another skin (BMV) to set up and then switch back to the DFX skin. I am going out on a limb here but I think it has something to do with the fact that John maintains his own config for this as does RRconfig so for some reason the information is in 2 places and gets confused.

    If anyone can shed any light on this it would be greatly appreciated as I use GPS all the time and it is annoying trying to listen to directions over music playing.

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    The iG volume thing has always been a hit and miss for some strange reason. It works perfectly in the car for me, but not here on my desktop. I also have tried a 1000 things and can not seem to find a solution.

    I can tell you that it is not that the information is in "2 different places". The RR config utility writes all of its settings to the rr.ini file. The iG options screen in the skin writes the information to the same exact place and in the same exact format. I just included the setting in the skin so auto switching, and volume lowering can be controlled in the skin, "on the fly".

    Hmmm I didn't think about the standby thing in the heat. I may have to rethink a few things. As for the USB devices the laptop I am using turns off power to the USB's when it is in standby as I have illuminated USB cables, and the LED's in the cable turn off when the laptop is in standby.

    Ok, this is for all of you full screen Visualization junkies out there This is a new screen that will open when you press and hold the Visu button. Tapping it on the player screen just embeds it into the album art area like normal.

    Note that the visualization goes right over the top of the wallpaper and the buttons on the bottom of the screen. This "subdues" the buttons a bit, so the visualization is more prominent on the screen, but the buttons are all still functional.

    Tapping anywhere on the top half of the screen turns the visu on/off. Tapping the lower right and lower left of the screen goes to the next and previous visualization.

    Front End of Choice: Ride Runner (Is there anything else??? ) & Powered by the DFX5.1 Skin Available in the Mobile App Mart

    My Fiero Build Thread

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    wow.. that big vis looks beautiful.... I am a big vis junkkie.. so that's a big plus..

    I recommend Navimon for those with auto screen/volume issue... It works very well.. search the word, "navimon".. it's in the plugin forum...

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    Paypal sent.$$
    Thank you for all your hard work. Been really out of touch for a while.
    Tennessee Vols Fan

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