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Thread: DigitalFX 4.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by PacketSniffer View Post
    While looking at the Processes tab in Task Manager, toggle the column label for CPU. It will sort by highest utilization first.
    Well... i was talking about doing that from a skin.... i don't see no cpu column in task manager skin...

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    FM Radio

    I still cannot get 'normal' FM radio to work within the skin. Both RADIO and HD RADIO share the same skin but I am unable to change any of the buttons so that the skin and Radiator will talk to each other.

    I have tried to utilise the skin in the Radio Standard folder but only succeeded in locking up the system.

    Is there any chance that this old skin may find its way into a future update

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    Artist Info on Main menu

    The artist information on the main menu seems to be cut off at the bottom. Any ideas what would cause this? Everything else seems to be perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by briansh73 View Post
    The artist information on the main menu seems to be cut off at the bottom. Any ideas what would cause this? Everything else seems to be perfect.
    Did you change the Menu Icons?

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    DFX issues

    I've got a couple issues with DFX3 that I haven't been able to kick all afternoon. Haven't found anything else on 'em so I figured I'd post for suggestions.

    The first (and biggest) issue is that if I start RR fresh (from a boot or RR restart - not hibernate resume), the music takes forever to load. When it first starts up, there's no music. If I access the music skin, for some reason it shows me weather:

    After a minute or so, the skin will catch up on the currently playing song and populate the playlist with that one song and it will start playing:

    After another minute, the playlist will finally populate (and allow me to next/prev through tracks), but the track info won't populate until I actually click on playlist:

    I'm completely stumped on it. I've got iLists disabled. Running RR 12.13.07, iG4, and Winamp 2.95 on WinXP Pro (full, not nlited or anything), on an M10K w/ 512mb ram.

    The second issue, less important, is that my change wallpaper screen doesn't preview the wallpaper:

    It will change fine, but I've got to guess what the wallpaper will look like. I've downloaded and installed the latest Flash and Shockwave, no help.

    Thanks ahead of time for for any suggestions!

    CarPC v2.5 up and running - all hardware installed, skin configured, and iG tweaked like crazy. Now for OBD-II, and voice control, and camera plugin, and... :nutz: - it never ends!

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_crooked_toe View Post
    This is a feature John has added. The project itself is in Beta. Its basically this simple. Type in a song name, click on download. It will download the song to a Downloaded Songs folder that can be found on the Browser within the skin. I would only try to get *popular* songs.
    I get nothing, it just stay on Searching.... no results. Why?

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    The weather album art is a known issue and he is working to get that worked out the best he can. I'm not really sure as to your music taking forever to play(mine->M10K,TinyXP rev5, I cant complain).

    The whole playlist thing, I don't have a prob with that either.

    The background preview is fixed for the next release..
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    This has happened to me. I can make it happen if I exit RR and open winamp sepratley. It seems winamp has not fully closed from RR and the Task manager shows 2 winaps. When I close both and restart RR I get the weather album art and no music. Same as what you describe. After a minute or so it will resolve.

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    The weather image is beyond my control. This is a known issue with Road Runner. The image tag for the album art is an indicator, and the code is "ALBUMART". HOW RR seems to think that a weather map is Album art is beyond me. I also tried using the "J" tag, to display the album art, and it does the exact same thing.

    I have had it show the weather map, and even a photo from my desktop at times. There seems to be no pattern what so ever. I even set my album art to ONLY show folder.jpg, yet when I go to the music screen and get the weather map again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drewbp View Post
    None of the city state county zips fill in on any screen from gps. Gas price plug in works fine when I manally put in a zip code, but once again not from gps. I know that I have gps data feeding the gauges screen and iGuidance through xport, and I have an internet connection, and I have set localdatacaptureinterval=1.
    Try installing DFX 2.5 and then trying it in both skins. I had the same problem after I uninstalled DFX 2.5. After I re-installed 2.5, 3.0 works again. Don't ask, it just works and the un-install was the only thing that changed. Hope this helps.

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