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Thread: MediaStyle (closed PSD's Available)

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    MediaStyle (closed PSD's Available)


    Dynamic menu buttons = changable buttons so you can move the buttons to where you would like them.
    Themes = Customizable skin , changable font styles (day/night) , font color (via color spectum day/night),changable backgrounds (day/night)
    Logo's = choose your own logo,( also can add your own image)
    Games = including Enforcers RRgrid ( supported but not in download)
    Users = 6 users settings can be saved ,( All personnel day/night settings are saved)
    Dimmer = control your brightness of your set up
    Weather = check your weather from any location, also 6 saveable presets (internet needed)
    TV = watch tv via the winamp tv plugin
    Copier = copy data from any location to your set folders.
    jukebox = music downloader, enter your own search or search current playing artist
    Coverjuke=Apple Album Browser for windows
    Audio= all screens for audio function
    Video= all screens for video function
    Allin1= This is a feature , that will allow you to tag/rate, from any Audio list, and any position in that list.
    Search= New search, you can now search under many sub titles, also narrow your search , by entering the
    search fields.

    Included Plugin's

    Users = (Carputer1)
    IG = for iguidence func
    Garmin = For Garmin Func (Thunderstick,Val)
    Jukebox = Music web search and download (El, inspired by John)
    Taskmanager = Check your system settings (El)
    Coverjuke = AI scripts to embed Coverjuke and ctrl it (Ws6vert)
    AWRR= Search/Rate/Tag/ = You can now tag and rate any track from any list , at any position in the list
    The track dose NOT have to be playing in Alpha state
    RRExtened = Day/Night events = Theme changer, Backgrounds,fonts, font color etc (Bluezx3)
    RRExtened = File manager = manage your files by moving them about or copying of external device etc (Bluezx3)
    RRExtened = Calculator = Add all you Paypal donations, or fuel bills etc (Bluezx3)
    RRExtened = Font selector = Select your own font type, from your windows font list with preview. (Bluezx3)
    RRExtened = Font Color = Choose what color you want your font text to be, via color spectrum.
    can set colors for day or night. (Bluezx3) Thread

    Plugins supported

    These plugins are supported but will not be in the skin download, they can be obtain via the threads ( which is also supported by this skin)

    RRGrid = puzzle game (Enforcer) Thread
    RRTC = Trafficams (Enforcer) Thread
    RRPetrol = Uk Petrol finder (Enforcer) Thread
    RRGas = Gas USA finder (Enforcer) Thread
    RRShoutcast = IE radio in (Sonic's) in Alpha state Thread
    RRMail = download and read your emails (Sonic's) in Alpha state Thread
    RRJTFE = Playlist queue app (Salr) Thread
    Silabs = silabs plugin (by sidermunz) Thread

    Autoit scripts

    Locker = System lock (ChevyN8) Thread
    Wireless = check your wireless state (El Camino) Not Added
    Medialaunch = shows whats in your rom drives and allows you to load into RR (ChevyN8) Thread


    For input And skin code

    El Camino,Valheru,Bluezx3,JohnWPB,Thunderstick,SalR,
    ChevyN8,Guino,Mitch,Sonicxtacy02,Spidermunz,ws6ver t

    Beta Testers

    GizmoQ = Xm/Silabs/RRTC/RRmail/RRGAS/Shoutcast
    El Camino = Iguidence
    Treetop777 = Iguidence

    Install notes

    Manual install

    If your useing Pre-RideRunner, you must edit the , remove / in front of INC,Plugins.txt
    I have left the old path cmd's to read AI scripts from RR root plugins folder

    1 = Extract .rar
    2 = Add Mediastyle folder to RR Root\Skins
    3 = Open Help folder within Mediastyle, and add all fonts INC, Mediafont to your windows font folder
    4 = if you wish to use the search,rate and Tag function,again open help folder\Search, and install according to notes.
    5 = Remeber this skin has been set up for any released plugins DLL or AI , to be put into the RR Root plugins folder.
    6 = Now your ready to start the skin up, go to settings\general screens and set your options,
    GPS type, Radio, Gas are tap or Pess and hold to swap the functions over.


    1 = if you wish to use the search and rate function , and did not select it in the installer, open Help folder in skin
    folder, help\Search,and install according to notes
    2 = The installer will register the AWRR.dll but it will not regiester the RRextend.dll , this is on purpose, but the latest version is included in the skin file in plugins folder, also the gen_activewa.dll in the help folder is installed to wianamp's default plugins folder C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins, if this is not your winamp dir. then you will have to install this dll yourself.
    3 = Now your ready to start the skin up, go to settings\general screens and set your options,
    GPS type, Radio, Gas are tap or Pess and hold to swap the functions over.

    Editing the skin via Skin Editor

    This is important, due to the new way i have done my Labels, skin Editor will not show the settings correctly
    you will notice that the settings have moved up 2 spaces,do not be alarmed , you can still edit the skin in this app, just don't move the settings from where they are edit the the settings as you see them, when you save your skin file, you will notice 2 ,, after the label cmd, this is normal and will not stop the label from working, Thank you

    Last Updated = Released1/03/09

    Important Notice: for this skin to work correctly you must have RRextened and AWRR installed
    And registered, these 2 Plugins are included in the download of this skin, in the plugins folder

    Download Link

    Many more to go will up date as i complete.

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    no pics showing up for me

    EDIT.. there now Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    photobucket has changed its way of doing things sorted now

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    Looks very good - more OEM-like. Very clean and clear icons, no doubt what the functions are; i would arrange them different tho' - I would put my most used butons (music, video, GPS) on the left of the screen. Any way to make it so the menu icons can be repositioned?

    Ah, don't overload it with plug-ins and features - makes it difficult to navigate.

    Hope this one is finished.

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    icons on menu are moveable , via editor, may even at some point after release changable icons, not sure at this stage, thought about this at the start as for you guys you'll want them on the left and for us on the right lol... shorter distance for the finger to go .
    they should make all countrys drive right hand lol....

    plugins minamal so far RRTC,RRPetrol + RRgas selectable, Upd8 when finished, silabs , skin graphic stuff, ie radio (Because I use them) thats about it for now can't see what else is really needed. i'll be putting a full list in 1st post shortly.

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    Create your own color, I luv that. Will sure beat having to adjust Hue in photoshop for a whole lot of images. Really clean and sharp. I will definitely give a try when this is done. Whats the timeframe, with the hollidays and all coming?
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    i'll have new screen caps tonight , as the graphics have been updated ,as for time frame ,mmmmm how long is a piece of string lol...

    i'm at the moment going throught the skin re-Aligning things , i have 70% of the basics done, will be adding sonic's plugin manager over the next few days. so may have a little taster soon ,

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    ok graphic's updated, still not sure about the sel.bmp , but still learning Photoshop.
    RRTC image will be updated when i get the internet back on that computer lol.. sorry E.

    the list of plugins are plugins being supported and done, but the plugin's will not be attached to the skin on release.

    Hope you all like it


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    Looking Great!!
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    no pics?!

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