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Thread: iDrive style skin || updated 24.01.2011

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    Why have I not seen this thread before?

    It's a beauty!

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    That line selector could have been done with standard picture files and RR code. Each menu would have the corresponding line in the art instead of having just button art. It's actually very easy to do, just takes some planning on the menu art. I used the technique in shock skin v1 & 2, the selected button is different than the rest. It will not be as smooth as flash but it is simple to do.
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    BEAUTIFUL! Please continue development of this, beautiful work. I like the attention to detail in the glass orb. Can't wait to see a radio skin.

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    bump... what happen to this skin... dont stop now guys... awesome skin in the making here...

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    could the wheel on the left be like only half visible? so there would be some more room left for useful buttons

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    Sorry guys, didn't receive a notification. Have to check my spam folder

    Not possible, sorry. I would have to redesign the whole skin.

    Running in my car . I made a few updates and ironed out some errors. Didn't know that there's interest in this skin. I'll upload the newest version when I find some time.

    (At the moment I'm working on a FullHD htpc skin. That has priority right now)

    Got no radio module, so I can't test, sorry. Also, what radio type are you talking about ?

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    Playlist, Media Base, and Playing Immediately Command?

    Konrad, I love your skin--thanks for your work. I'm currently modifying your skin to suit my needs--specifically a keyboard only (no TS) skin. I'm working on your audio browser now and am confused by the playlist and browser objects S01 and SC02. I understand that all of the variables in these lines contain formattating information (font color, size, placement, etc.) . What I don't understand is how RideRunner knows that these lines refer specifically to a playlist and a file browser. I've searched all of your files and still can't find the answer.

    Also, is there a way to add a key command so that the highlighted song in the file browser plays immediately? For instance, if I hit 'P', it will begin playing the highlighted file?

    Thanks for such great work!

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    Thanks. I'm glad you like it . Guess I'll update my first post, as I did some minor changes to the skin (also a complete rewrite of MediaBase.exe). Anyway...

    SC stands for custom list, which is required for MediaBase.exe.
    If you look at the skin commands.txt (which is included with RideRunner) you can tell the difference between a playlist and a filelist:
    /, (S) Playlist (Music and Radio)*
    /,		    FORE	BACK        PLAYED      SELECTED    SELECT FONT
    /,  x   y   w   h   r   g   b   r   g   b   r   g   b   r   g   b   r   g   b   trs  pt font
    /,  --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---  -- ----
    The above tag creates a playlist view within the given boundaries, with the selected colors/font.
    AA is the Alignment of the Directory List (00=Left, 01=Right, 02=Center) -- OPTIONAL.
    /, (S) Directory, Picture List
    /,		    FOREFILE 	FOREDIR     SELECTED    SELECT           FONT             
    /,  x   y   w   h   r   g   b   r   g   b   r   g   b   r   g   b   trs  pt font
    /,  --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---  -- ----
    For key commands you have to create a KeyTBL.ini
    Using KeyCode.exe you can tell the keycode of every key, which is 80 for P.
    So just put
    in the KeyTBL.ini (which is in the root of the RR directory). Everytime you press P it will execute the command "PLAY". When you're on a playlist "PLAY" will start the currently highlighted command.

    You see, those are general skinning issues. I recommend you take a closer look at the "skin commands.txt" .

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    DAB+ radio support and HQCT if that helps answer post #36

    maybe this will help?

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