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Thread: DFX5 [Released 09/29/10]

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWPB View Post
    Raminator, are you having problems downloading from the AppStore? I see you have downloaded the skin 6 times now.
    Saw that huh? First I must commend the DFX team for an outstanding job (again). I have been lurking for months back and forth anticipating its release , however I was trying to download 5.0 and (firefox) my system never started the download, not until i switched over to IE. My system only showed one download but I did make several attempts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carputer1 View Post
    i assume you have do the usual checks

    made sure the plugin is red'd , built your data base (this can be done within the skin)

    RRmedia reads your id tags ,
    I think that i have too much error on the db .
    I shall try with less mp3 files .

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    Again I have to say thanks to all for their Awesome work. This includes anyone who worked on plug-ins that were included.

    I think I found a bug where you can not control the slider for the Brightness slider. It is stuck and the mouse will not move it.

    Quick question also the little red microphone is that indicating RRVoice is installed and operating or does it indicate that RRVoice is "Listening" (accepting commands)?
    I am on Windows7 and do not have a Microphone hooked up yet.

    I can't say it again thanks to all.

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    mic ind red plugin loaded
    mic ind green plugin Listening

    there are known issues with rrvoice & win 7
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue ZX3 View Post
    If you look, that line is actually there, it just somehow got commented out on both screens...
    Yeah,I noticed that after I made my post.

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    Minor Bug - iGuidance screen - next song/previous song


    Congratulations on the release of this excellent skin. I have not had time to install as I'm travellling, but I did find a minor bug in RC2 that I thought I should report (I can't believe that after literally thousands of button pushes while testing I just now got to these.)

    The next song and previous song buttons on the right side of the first iGuidance screen that loads are reversed. So pressing next song takes one to the previous song and vice versa.

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    Well, I have 4.0 and now 5.0 installed on my pc. I must say that 5.0 looks great. However, the media player is doing some crazy stuff with me. While on the player screen, I cannot start any songs. I have to go to the browser. When in the browser, I can select one song, but the skip buttons don't work and it won't let me pick another song or album. Went back to 4.0 and it worked fine. Will it be affected if I have old road runner and new ride runner installed on same pc. I use the old road runner version for 4.0 and didn't switch because it was problem free for me. Now I also have the sept release and winamp problems. I am using winamp. Is there a different version of winamp I should be using for 5.0?

    Thanks John and everyone else involved for another great skin.

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    Nope, the current wa ver is just fine.

    @kbreen. Yes that was noticed by I think carputer and has been fixed
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    Installed the skin today!!
    This is the first DFX skin I have used and I am really impressed.
    Bye Bye CF


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    On the file, i think that it would be a good idea to chage thetwo first labels,
    L,714,128,61,36,#DFX1R#,#DFX1G#,#DFX1B#,40,"DFX Font","=M","CENTER"
    L,714,432,61,36,#DFX1R#,#DFX1G#,#DFX1B#,40,"Dfx Font","=L","CENTER"
    It is just cosmetic but , i prefer that !

    Into the, you have , i think forgotten the include for the font.
    You have an issu with your 'Florida Lottery screen' .

    Thanks again john and blue for this very cool skin!

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