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Thread: DFX5 [Released 09/29/10]

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchjs View Post
    i can assure you its not RR...
    RR 10/1 with DFX5 loads in seconds...

    make sure your flash is up to date, RR is built on Flash10.1

    also, whats your start time from desktop to rr showing skin, on carwings_dynamic_lite
    I have Flash 10.1, windows is completely updated and I have the newest version of RR. It takes 62 seconds from desktop to RR showing DFX5, 49 seconds from desktop to RR showing carwings_dynamic_lite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bemenaker View Post
    Meisner have you upgraded RR to the Oct release? I use the visteon and I have no problems with resume. Another issue I just tested out for Mitch that he fixed but it's a minor one. I do believe the Oct release is better for DFX5 but I could be wrong, surely wouldn't be the first time.

    To the thread: sorry about stirring up a legality debate. I wasn't sure if that was against the thread rules or not.
    No, I am using the Sept release. I will try Oct RR to see if it makes a difference. But it wasn't until I installed DFX5 that the radio stopped "playing" on resume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drewbp View Post
    Well I believe that it is a plug in, so as with most plug ins, you can disable it in the plug in manager page which is on the menu 2 page by default on install.
    ..if not, open ExecTBL; delete the last entry in the "onskinstart" line, see if that work..
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    Quote Originally Posted by dawnn View Post
    i saw where it said it is a plugin, but it does not show up anywhere in any
    folder or the plugin manager, it looks like it is one of the first thing that loads
    and that is where it hangs while it tries to load and then reports it as an error...
    I know it might sound crazy, but why don't you download the Fusion Brain plugin and install it, then disable it. I don't have any problems with it, but I had already installed it, so I am not sure if it does it as part of the DFX install.

    It is possible that all the beta testers had the Fusion Brain already installed, and so no bug was found.

    EDIT: By the way I just did a fresh install of RR and DFX5, in a different folder, and don't have the Fusion Brain plugin installed, and I had no problem with the DFX starting.
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    Not until the next RR release can you disable plugins permanently in the Plugin Manager. Mitch just added this feature in the past few days.

    FOr plugins that you want to permanently disable, and will never use:

    Go into RideRunner\Plugins\RRFusion (for example) If there is an unregister.bat, double click that to unregister the .dll's for that plugin from windows.

    If there is not .bat file to do this, you will have to unregister the file manually.

    Then simply delete that plugins folder. You can delete the plugin folder without unregistering the dll's, and there will be no real ill effects, other than it leaves traces in the registry and such, and that is not the "clean" way to do it.

    Every plugin that loads when RR starts will take time to load. Removing plugins that you do not use can shave some start up time for sure.

    Make sure not to delete the DFX5.dll in DFX5\plugins. The skin relies heavily on this for just about everything. From press and hold buttons, themes, changing colors and tons of other stuff.

    A difference between CarWings loading up and DFX is expected. Carwings is a fairly "lite" skin, and DFX has a lot of code running under the hood so to speak.
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    Hi, very new to RR and Car PCs in general.
    I have downloaded this skin and having a bit of problems with the formatting of it. The font seems to be bigger than it should be (refer attached pic) and I have no idea how to reduce it. As you can see the labels on buttons etc are too large.

    Secondly what is the largest resolution I should set to run RR?

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    about the fusion plugin, there is no folder in RR or dfx5 in plugins that says fusion brain, I cant find
    any folder that has anything to do with fusion??

    I am sure it is the fusion cause I watched it with, skinner tool live debug....

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    Mr. Cali..

    What resolution is your PC set at and what is RR set at in config?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dougw133 View Post
    Mr. Cali..

    What resolution is your PC set at and what is RR set at in config?
    I tried multiple combinations and nothing seems to work.

    1440 x 900 on both PC and RR but RR does not fill the whole screen only about 3/4 of it.

    Then only resolution that I can get it full screen on is 1024 x 768 on both PC and RR.

    But the font problem is evident on all combinations of resolutions

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    I think the font issue could be related to your display DPI setting.

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