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Thread: iDrive for Road Runner - Originally by BTBE

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    iDrive for Road Runner - Originally by BTBE

    This thread has been superceded by the following:

    iDrive Classic 2.20

    iDrive Night Red 2.17

    iDrive Night Green 2.20

    iDrive skin for Road Runner Version 2.12

    Download ****updated 18 September 2006

    Changes in 2.12

    Bug Fixes

    Correct key problem in menu skin
    Correct OSK keys 2 and 3
    Renamed Add Tracks and Add One in Audio Browser
    Added ability to save stations on Radio

    Additional Screens

    Gas Prices

    Other changes additions

    Phone signal strength on top bar
    Speedfan monitoring added as an option to MBM5
    Phoco totally rearranged and SMS added.
    Freedrive Menus now done from RR.

    Changes in 2.11
    Basically this is a bug fix edition.


    correct GPS in use shown in iDrive config.
    Navigation via arrows keys on main menu getting stuck.
    Navigation via arrow keys (powermate) now in sequence.
    MapMonkey speed display.
    Spelling of Scroll as scoll.
    Deletion of tracks from playlist moved to Audio Browser from Audio Settings.

    Additional screen.
    Valentine 1 software is now supported (basic)

    Tested screen.
    Phoco has now been tested and found to work. Thanks Zorro

    Changes in Version 2.1


    Button to go to main menu on most pages
    Phonecontrol button on most pages
    Slider added to video screen - DMurray request
    Date moved to RHS to allow road name to go central.

    Additional Screens

    Sirius Radio - Thanks to DMurray
    XM Radio - Thanks to DMurray

    Hidden (ish) Buttons

    Phone icon on top bar takes you straight to Phone Control
    BMW logo on bottom bar takes you to main menu

    iDrive Skin Configurator

    In this release is a skin config.exe, which will change the GPS info source depending on whether you are using FreeDrive, MapMonkey, or RoadRunner and remove them if you are using a GPS that does not support supplying the info to external programs. This also allows to to select which options you have installed (ie TV, Radio, Games etc) and remove them from the menu's if you don't have them.

    For this to work you may need to register the file PICCLP32.OCX.

    You can either run the register.bat file or from the command prompt type regsvr32 PICCLP32.OCX

    Changes in Version 2.0


    Button over and down on LHS menu now have a 3D look.

    Additional Screens

    CD Rip
    Radio - This is untested as I don't have a radio

    Mobile Emulator iDrive skin

    Copy the folder called emuskins to your Mobile Impact folder and edit your skindir.ini file and change path to iDrive.

    Original designs and layout by BTBE

    iDrive - btbe's original version

    Redesign February 2006 by Enforcer

    Changes from original

    Pop up Volume removed and replaced with +/- and mute on every skin.
    Climate button on lower part of every skin replaced with weather button.
    In/Out temperature replaced with Road name supplied via FreeDrive
    Track lists in Audio Browser realigned to fit in better. - Thanks to Cris for this observation
    PageUp and PageDown added to track lists in audio Browser - Thanks to Cris again.

    Additional Screens

    External GPS is Freedrive - Thanks to RoyN for original ideas on this
    Weather from added.
    Games Emulator screen using Red Deaths Mobile Emulator
    Traffic info using StevieG's Mobile Web
    Phoco Support -

    Hidden (ish) Buttons

    Satellite logo takes you to the Navigation screen, unless you are already there in which case it reconnects the GPS mouse
    Sun/Cloud logo takes you to the weather screen
    Speaker logo mutes the sound.
    Touching just above the scrolling Trackname takes you to the audio browser
    BMW logo on Menu screen minimize's Road Runner.

    Download **** updated 18 September 2006

    Screens to come

    Rainlendar - maybe if there is a want
    Main menu options of iDrive button or Cars manufacturers logo.

    External programs iDrive skins to come


    Suggestions and comments welcome.

    Please note I did not have the orginal PSD's so don't ask
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    Navigation via FreeDrive
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    Come on Enforcer - 10 minutes later and no screenies Slacker

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    Want screenies...


    PS You using any hardware with this as well ?

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    what, no screens (yet)?

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    screens please

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