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Thread: MMI skin - preview

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    I have just checked the Mobile-Effects one, it works but is a different version.

    There have been at least three attempts at this.

    here is a thread to look at for skins, which also has 3 different sites that contain some of the skins, unfortunately they all tend to be fairly old.

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    I checked there as well.
    I use MMI v2, but it still has some bugs.
    I wanted to try the one in this post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    I have trawled my harddrives and have attached the files (I think) that blk02si was hosting.

    See posts 108 & 110
    I try the 110&108 skin/psd file last time, it seems invalid.
    anyway it works tonight!
    Thanks to Enforce, blk02si,author....!

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