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Thread: LSX (VOID) released

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    Arrow LSX (VOID) released


    Next update task list:

    custom color picker for playlist text (feature pulled)
    new options screen that consolidates and replaces the current "vis opt" and "config" screens, plus more config settings. (done)
    Run RR updater from inside skin (done)
    remove all images with pink transparency and disable clipping for speed increases
    (in progress)
    migrate LSTOOLS inside of the skins folder, clean up unused items, retire old lstools (in progress)
    playlist picker screen. (done)
    fixed issues with IG3 when entering GPS screen, if you use transitions it now transitions into IG3 smooth as silk.(done)
    revised quick menu, its now 2x wide(done)
    new_zero config setup, no more add to rr.ini needed this will be done for you (done)
    audio player layout changes
    updated cdrip screens (done)
    DVSW (in progress 80%) dayversion
    intergrated settings forIGAUTOSW (done)

    more as i think of it...

    In this update 9/16/06

    the readme file linked above will be new source for what i would normally put in this post.
    This file will supercede any other readme either included with the skin or any links below.
    It will be updated again sometime this weekend with more indepth start to finish setup instructions for new users.

    In this update 9/14/06

    100% all new sliders (done) tweaking
    remove battery and signal icons from images, update sliders (done)
    update online indicator (done)
    re evaluate entire top info bar (done)
    fix artrage embed screen (new .skin will be posted before update) LINK
    change layer order of big arrows (photoshop) (done)
    GPSGAS native(done)
    update video player (done)
    change album art/song info on secodary menus to match main menu (removed album art on these screens)(done)
    additional toaster presets
    new OSK (maybe) (done)
    update pick command screen to run commands on click hold (technical issues- no dice)
    add additional commands to pick command screens(in progress 50+ custom commands total)
    Ratings intergration (done) with persistant star indicators on main menu and audio player
    Screen Lock intergration (done)
    RR native webplugin (done) requires latest RR
    Milage plugin
    new center info display (done)
    bigger abc buttons in playlist/bbaa (done)
    new album art ( in cd case) (done)
    updated bbaa, 2 modes to choose from (done)
    fixed bbaa button in playlist editor/ added new button above album art display (done)
    reduce number of invisible buttons (done)
    new game added
    updated GPS screen, added track info
    added music nav buttons and time in web browser(done)
    restructure LSTOOLS and gps options/script locatons etc(done)

    LSTOOLS and the skin is included in the single file.
    Fonts are auto installed and .dll (2) files for the above included plugins are registered (milage.dll, screenlock.dll)

    LSXVOID1.6 <---------THIS

    !!!MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT HAVE "ONSKINSART","" IN YOUR ExecTBL.ini file in the ROOT of RR !!!

    whats new.

    beta mapmonkey support
    beta freedrive support
    new redesigned quickmenu, similar to cf style menu (customizable)
    ***new custom buttons
    phoco missed calls indicators removed on non phoco screens (no further phoco work will be done,RRmobile support in a future release)
    fileman support from CDRSkull
    copytool/ system manager support (System-Manager) lsxstyle skin also available (inside lstools)
    speedfan support, MBM support dropped.
    alternate main menu with bigger visuals (copy from LSTOOLS\ALT\main menu big vis)
    reload RR button now is an invisible click hold button, located under visuals (turn visuals off first to access) also located on config screen
    minimize button relocated to click hold on either of the 2 big arrows on the main menu screen or secondary menu screens
    clicking and holding on any return arrow will take you to the main menu
    up/down buttons in audio player now page up/down one screen at a time, instead of one track at a time
    various fixes and performance tweaks
    removed old image files not in use
    Other stuff i cant remember right now.

    ***the new custom buttons are configured by clicking and holding the button you want to change the action for. Then pick a new action from the screen that pops up.
    new actions can be added via ExecTBL.ini, be careful editing the actions, one mistake and RR will hang. Thanks goes to CHUCK for the original idea and also help with intergrateing the feature. Hats off!
    custom buttons are available on top and bottom buttons on main menu and secondary menus, audio player. Audio playback buttons on main menu and audio player are not custom. BBAA and PLAYLIST buttons in audio player are also not custom.
    As time goes on ill likely add more custom buttons in other areas of the skin as well as additional commands.
    Also the clicking the TIME is also a custom button, by default set up for quickmenu, IG3 users may want to change it to IGMENU.
    Freedrive and mapmonkey support are also enabled by chooseing one from the command screen>more.
    FREEX commands are empty commands that do nothing, just placeholders for new commands to be added.

    *IG3 support
    ig3 menu access from any screen
    updated igcontrol (flyout buttons) for ig3
    fullscreen GPS is now 100%fullscreen, speedo removed
    fullscreen mode accessed from igcontrol (flyout buttons)
    ig3modded .exe file with lsx button theme, street name text color changed from light green to yellow,menu button removed,mute button removed (located in lstools)
    IG2 support is simi dropped

    IF you run into any issues, try to rename the ExecTBL.ini file in the root of RR install and see if that helps.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________

    new as of 7/08/06
    support for native rr picviewer
    radioplayer fixes
    new sub menu for NET
    basic support for Thunderbird, SKYPE (this will be expanded on in future updates)
    IM placeholder

    If you allready have the latest fullversion of the skin, just copy the contents of UPDATE X into the skin folder.
    The download for the fullskin has also been updated with the latest changes.

    whats new:
    camera support fixed, replaced
    main menu layout changes
    slight graphic changes
    dir browser (embeds explorer) work still needed
    external dvd fixed
    audio player layout changes, alternate version included with LSTOOLS inside ALT folder
    various other fixes and additions i cant remember right now.

    IGMON skin is updated and the link is below in the 2nd post, read install.txt for instructions

    all pervious setup reqirements are still valid, if you are downloading this skin for the first time make sure you get the fonts below and please read this whole post and the next 2 below.


    KEYTBL <----- this file is NO LONGER needed (prob still good idea to keep it around though

    you will also need to remove any blank commands in the existing ExecTBL.ini file found in the root of your RR dir.

    inside ExecTBL.ini in root of RR (NOT THE ONE IN THE SKIN FOLDER!!)
    you will find something that looks like this


    all of these commands are blank and do not do anything, but they conflict with the ExecTBL.ini file found in the skin folder if they have the same command. So justremove that section or any section that is blank (2 quotes at end).
    Attached Images Attached Images      

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    Patches and Updates

    vis used in screenshots

    Calendar support
    this is a rainlendar <---link) skin to match lsx void
    800x600 800x480
    These files go into the skin dir under rainlendar
    C:\Program Files\Rainlendar\Skins

    IGMON skin<---------igmon2.0 compat (not compatible with IG3)
    install readme
    01101100 01101001 01110001 01110101 01101001 01100100 01011111 01110011
    01101101 01101111 01101011 01100101

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    When i load the skin, all of my buttons are blank (no text)
    Open the ExecTBL.ini file that is in the ROOT of your RR install.
    Delete the following lines

    When i click the exit button RR hangs and or CDRIP isnt working now. (updated)

    CDRIP NO LONGER needs to be configured inside the ExecTBL.ini file inside the skins folder. These lines have been removed from the file.
    If you want to use CDRIP follow the standard install instructions for CDRIP found here How do I setup the CD Rip plugin ? and also note these instructions are for the ExecTBL.ini that is in the ROOT of your RR install. Either edit or create this file if its not present.
    This should fix the issues some where having with RR hanging when you click the "EXT" (exit) button
    If you currently are having this problem, apply the lsxvoid1.6patch1

    To setup CDRIP in the ExecTBL.ini file that is in the ROOT of RR install, add the below lines to this file. Create the file if its not present.

    What are the little white triangles on some of the buttons?
    Those are indication that the button has a alternate function, click and hold the button and the alternate command will execute. For example, on the main menu if you click and hold the EXT button, it will exit RR and automaticly reload after 5 sec.

    What is the WIDGETS button, it dosent seem to do anything special?
    If you have yahoo widget engine installed, set all of your widgets to only show on the hud, when you click the widgets button, it will bring up all your yahoo widgets. Click anywhere on the desktop and it will return u to RR. If you dont have yahoo widgets installed, or dont want to install it. You can use this as a quick way to see whats on your desktop, use your imagination.

    How do i move the red MENU button that sits ontop of the gps map (IGCONTROL)? (this tweak is nolonger needed)

    This lovely piece of script was written by DiNASTY with a few small bits by me. To edit the position of the menu edit the file coords.ini found here
    C:\Program Files\Road Runner\LSTOOLS\SB2.9\iGuidance
    instructions on how to edit the file are found inside the file.

    How do I change the buttons to say and so something else?

    Click and hold the button and choose a new command from the screen that pops up.

    Why do i see numbers in odd places?

    Check that you have installed the supplied FONTS in your windows fonts dir
    note, the numbers 1 and 2 (above left arrow) that you see when you click the big navigation arrows is normal.
    The fonts are automaticly installed with the installer version of the skin (latestversion) so this shouldnt be a issue for anyone anymore

    How do i turn on the VISUALIZATIONS?
    Click the date in the top right corner on the main screen, same area on audio player screen.

    GPS works fine, but the speedo and speed display dont, or vise versa?

    You will need a gps com port splitter, search this site for xport and you should find all the info needed. In RRConfig.exe set the gps comport that is being split.

    The Sensor screen dosent show any info for my computer?

    You will need to install SpeedFan.
    It also needs to be running in order for RR to pull info from it.

    Whenever i recieve a call, or click the power button, or click the quick menu, I see a lot of PINK!?
    you have clipping disabled. Run RRConfig.exe and enable clipping

    Hey i dont like the picture on the main screen, can you change it?
    There should be image files inside the skin folder that should help you out.
    Ill also be releaseing additional images for people to customize with as well as the full psd at a much later date.

    How do i remove the album art and use my own image or flash logo? (updated)
    this is fairly easy to do. Just remove the album art: Open the skin in RRSkinEditor.exe and on the leftside pane, find the letter J, click the delete button at the top.

    Add your own image:
    Click the Add button on top> select IMG-Image as the object type>Done
    in the following box that pops up, type the file name of your image in quotes like this "myimage.jpg" match the w and h lines to the width and height of your image.

    Follow the same steps to add flash logos also, except instead of the IMG-Image object type, you select F-Flash Movie as the object type.
    all images or flash logos etc must be located inside the skins dir.
    This is currently broken in the latest update, i wasnt aware anyone was actually doing this, so ill provide some extra images to remove the jewelcase thats embeded in the main menu image file.
    Most of the work is now done for you for this tweek, click and hold a custom button to access the custom command screen, find the button "vis opt" located on the 3rd screen.
    From here you can choose the logo option. Note this option has the default BIG visuals. If you want to use the small vis with the logo option you'll have to edit the file by hand.
    First choose the BIG VIS w logo as your option.
    Then open (found in the skins folder) in notepad.
    Find the line that start with an A change the values to match whats below.
    /, A, x, y, w, h, color;RGB

    GPS SETUP for skinbedder, information in this link is OFF by default and nolonger supported

    IG GPS setup
    Skinbedder is nolonger support in favor of ignative.
    If you have been using previous versions of the skin, you will need to resetup GPS options in RRConfig to point to IG and not skinbedder.
    In RRConfig under GPS
    GPS Mode is "External"
    GPS Path is C:\Program Files\iNav\iGuidance\iGuidanceUMPC.exe|nowarning
    GPS Window Name is "iGuidance"

    Inside the skin, if you are using IG3 by default the NAVI button is setup for IG3, if you need to reset it just click and hold and choose the first GPS option on the screen that pops up.
    If your using IG2, click and hold the NAVI button and click more, then pick "IG2" button. The above setup in RRConfig applies to IG2 users also, but without UMPC.exe in the file name.

    Other GPS options

    For mapmonkey or Freedrive, just install mapmonkey/freedrive into the default install path and inside the skin, click and hold the NAVI button, in the screen that pops up, click the MORE button until you see the gps option you want. Thats it.

    How do i stop the visuals from autoloading or stop the welcome message from starting?

    the visuals and welcome message use the "LSONSKINSTART" command to auto load when RR runs.

    To stop it from loading do this.

    Load ExecTBL.ini (found inside the skin folder)
    scroll to bottom of file and edit the "LSONSKINSTART" command

    This command does 2 things when RR starts, it starts the visu and also displays the welcome message.

    If you want to stop the visuals from autostarting use this line.
    If you want the visuals to start but NOT the welcome message
    If you dont want either to autostart simply put a forward slash at the begin of line.
    default setting
    where can i send you some free beer?
    check my sig

    more screenshots
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    01101100 01101001 01110001 01110101 01101001 01100100 01011111 01110011
    01101101 01101111 01101011 01100101

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    more screen shots
    Attached Images Attached Images      
    01101100 01101001 01110001 01110101 01101001 01100100 01011111 01110011
    01101101 01101111 01101011 01100101

    beer replenishment fund
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    Very nice!! Another incredible skin!!!

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    super badass. Thank you!

    Too baad I cant downlaod untill tomorrow.
    Is this where the witty comment goes?
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    Hotness !
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    nice workk.. downloading now

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    will download tomorrow!!! Any screen shot of GPS?

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