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    Quote Originally Posted by liquid_smoke View Post

    the txt file was a no go. There are some additional font color groupings that need to be made for it to really work. Some of the fonts end up being black on black buttons so u cant see them. I am interested in anyone using a white background for daytime and there opinion on how close it is to where a day skin should be as far as readability etc.
    i think its generally the contrast of the buttons and the text that makes a skin day readable, not necessarily the background...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hari-bhari View Post
    i think its generally the contrast of the buttons and the text that makes a skin day readable, not necessarily the background...
    its much more than that actually. The buttons as they are now are already high contrast, black and white and depending on the color of your background image the button colors change, so the background color is very important (in this skin) for the main buttons. The color of the background also will affect the screens brightness. Secondary buttons dont have transparency and are black so no matter what those will likely have to change. Also, the contrast of the background with the buttons is also important so you can see the button easier, otherwise you just see the text depending on how washed out the sunlight is making your screen. Also there are a lot of other elements in the skin that are not buttons that you want to see and the background directly affects these elements. This isnt just for readability either, you also want it to look good, otherwise you could just turn on high contrast mode in windows or invert all the images in teh skin, but it would look like crap, very readable crap.
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    well that makes it simple. all we need to find is a combination of very readable and not crap!

    Seriously though, the black text on light bacgrounds is probably the best for daytime visability..............

    Working on something here in my spare time. But you are right, it's hard to get the high contrast without a very washed out look...............

    I'll keep messing around in PS.

    Any chance I could get the PSD files without the layers flattened? It would make things sooo much easier..........

    No-one else will get them, I promise!
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    i found cfs day mode to be quite acceptable. the buttons are light silver background with black text in both day and night mode, and the background simply changes from black to silver in the daytime

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    Is there a way to turn on the scroll bars with in the library with ilist?

    Sometimes I wish i could just use the up down arrows to move the selection to the next one rather than tap or tap and drag.

    Thanks LS!

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    Do the PGUP/PGDOWN/UP/DOWN commands (from Skin Commands.txt) work with ilists, and subsequently in this skin?
    I use my steering controls to PGUP/PGDOWN the normal list to look for a song I want (without taking hands off wheel). Will this be possible with LSX Void?

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    just a newbie suggestion..

    personally i think it would look better with visual spectrum playing in the center window where a cover art is being displayed rather than the whole wide area. I just like the looks of that awsome spectrum on top of the exotic art ^^ and perhaps make that art look bigger filling the whole retangle as much as possible. A sluggish UMPC like mine (vega) with 256 ram and a lousy pIII processor equivalent can handle the small dynamic visuals better... Or make the center window square shape to make album art fit better and there you have extra space to put all that up down buttons for ilist.... Just a newbie thought. ^^ This is already a mater piece... what can i say...

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    First Thanks for this amazing job.

    Just write 2 small bugs, phoco related: When calling/receiveing calls, popup screen appears with name and phone, but there is no images for hang/pick buttons.
    On SMS screen, SEND TO: button is not working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liquid_smoke

    Quote Originally Posted by Iceman_jkh
    I have the latest 3.2 (the slightly updated one with the AlbumArt/ilist 5 to 60 second fix), however after that 60seconds the ilist will change to album art even if the VIS is on.

    Is there any way to make the "album art display" not be called after that 60s if the VIS is on? I just want it to stay on the Vis.

    That can be done.
    Did this get done? Or can you tell me how to mod it myself?

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    Quote Originally Posted by liquid_smoke View Post
    ill google XTen and see how it all works and get back to you after that..
    Thanks. It is owned by Counterpath and the application is now called Eyebeam.

    You can download X-Lite to test.

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