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    nice guess. yes that would be me hes talking about. And there will be full support for the very nice work blue has done.


    I'm all excited for the next update now........................

    <rubbing hands together>
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    Quote Originally Posted by liquid_smoke View Post
    1. you are likely haveing issues with ilist support. ilist are fancy list that function similar to the ipod touch with flicking the list. To use them, it requires you to have the very latest version of RR installed and also setup properly and also a video card that can handle direct X to some extent. Make sure you have at least 12/13/2007 version of RR installed. If you still have problems , i recommend going into the options and turning ilist off.
    OPT>General Options>Turn iList OFF

    2. related to #1

    3. also related to #1. Although you can try to "enable clipping" in RR Config.
    Wow, you're right. Turning off iList fixed all those problems. That sucks because I really like that feature. Maybe I don't have DirectX updated. What version do you recommend me using? Plus, has anyone else have trouble using iList on their SP13000 mobo with built-in graphics?

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    I don't know if this has been implemented in the minor update last week, or whenever it was. But can we get the clock on the GPS screen for Skin 1 I believe it is? I don't have a pic, but it would be nice to have the clock on the slider bar like when you're watching a video. Do you know what I'm referring to?

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    It looks like the Freefone is embedded in Void Skin; however, I dont know how to set it up with my phone. I hit Phone button and it says searching for phone, then freezing there. Any suggestion, instructions, I would appreciate it

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    Quote Originally Posted by greatwhite View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by liquid_smoke View Post

    nice guess. yes that would be me hes talking about. And there will be full support for the very nice work blue has done.

    I'm all excited for the next update now........................

    <rubbing hands together>
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    I am trying to get your skin to display full screen but i can only manage to make it fill the top 3/4 of the screen. With the same settings my other skins load up full screen.
    Also, I am trying to use OziExplorer with one of your empty buttons and I get it loaded up but not very successfully. It loads up over the button set up screen and when I try to open menu's in Ozi, they open behind the window. I have pictures for you to see.

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    It's seem like your tying to get the skin to full screen on your desktop (not carpc)? If so go to the general.ini in the LSX VOID 3.0 folder and change the ShowWidth and ShowHeight to what ever your desktop is set to as seen below (those or just examples).


    general.ini will be in C:\Program Files\Road Runner\skins\LSX VOID 3.0 if RR is installed in default location.

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    So I did a search and couldn't really find anything but here is the situation,

    # 1 When I start I get a White Rectangle Box overlayed right on top of the OTT buttons. Installed Flash but not sure what else I need.

    # 2 Iguidance problems. Every time I click to start it, it opens a new copy?

    Just installed TinyXP Rev6 Everything seemed to install right. Installed Fresh copy of the newest RR and Skin, IGuidance 3.01 Also installed WMP11. Don't really know if Java needs installed or what I might be missing.

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    Hello LS, WOW. Great skin, many thanks. Donation sent.

    Have just finished reading all 165 pages, and installed the skin.

    Have got a few set up probs so will start reading again

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    i seem to be having a problem with integrating IG4 it will load and everything but when i go to put in directions it will not keep them it just cant seam to save and favs or home settings. also it keeps saying waiting for gps signal and it is attached just fine and when i open the program outside of embedding it works fine.

    please help me LS!!!!!!

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