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Thread: Lsx Void 3.0

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    are there any active download links available?

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    Blast from the past is right!

    Quote Originally Posted by treetop777 View Post
    Blast from the past!
    I think just about all of us started with LiquidSmoke's skin. It is what got me into CarPC's in the first place. He and I spend countless hours in Yahoo chat working to tweks skins, and code in ways no one had though of doing before. LS had the very first press and hold buttons that you could customize in his skin so you could set a different weather city. I ran with that and created the DFX skin adding that function all the menu buttons. At the same time I created a way to change the font and skin colors on the fly, and he later added that into his skin. A LOT of ideas, code and graphics were shared, and tons of stuff done to add things to RR that had never been done before.

    Here is a picture I took of the skin installed in my Mitsubishi Eclipse I used to own. The photo was taken September of 2005!
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