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Thread: Lsx Void 3.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaw4322 View Post
    First I'd like to thank everyone for their help so far. Secondly I was wondering why the lsx skin doesnt have the ability to search hd, play from cd/dvd rom, or play from external usb drive. If I have missed this please let me know, or if there is a easy way to integrate this. Everything else is great.

    there is a search function for audio files in your media library, just click the magnifying glass. It does not search your drive though, for like random files or anything.

    you can play any files located on a usb drive by creating a file named BROWSE.RRL and place this file inside the ROOT of your media library thats specified in rr.ini

    The contents of the file should follow this format.

    J:\ --THUMB DRIVE--

    where the path is displayed first, "--THUMB DRIVE --" will showup as an item at the top of your media library in the audio player. You can add as many paths to directories as you like, even your cd rom.

    There are also scripts available on this site for auto playing cd's in RR.
    There is no CD button in the skin simply because i do not listen to cd's and its very low on the feature list.
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    Is there any way for future releases to include the option to change font color and highlight color? The red is clashing bad in my interior

    BTW - I realize this is no small task, just curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liquid_smoke View Post

    yeah, you are missing all of the settings in rr.ini that are related to the skin.

    Im guessing you probably skipped the most important step at the end of the installer and or ignored the readme file since you say it was a fresh install on a clean xp install.

    Look for a file named ADDTORR.INI.txt and also the readme.txt file located either in the skins folder or the root of your RR install, all the info you need should be there.

    Also, you can just simply click and hold on each button and choose a command from the list, but there are about 40 buttons you would need to do that to

    you other error message you are seeing is probably related to not having the skin setup completely.
    After you get everything up and running correctly let me know if you still get that error.
    O god... now it all came back to me... I did the same thing in the old version and I forgot this yeah, after I added the ADDTORR.INI.txt to the ini, it fixed it... the start up time of LSX dramatically increased but it's no biggie...

    Tomorrow I'll setup weather, GPS, add more music, videos and we'll see what happens next

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    Liquid is it possible add on skin for Google earth in next lsxvoid ?

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    Embedded Applications

    I have and external application. TEST.EXE, i have it set to one of the configurable buttons on the menu. Everything works fine, and embeds properly when the button is clicked.

    The problem is that the application is slow to respond on startup and takes several seconds to embed properly.

    Is there as way to load that external app and embed it in a screen, during startup, but not display it. so that when i hit the button it will just pop open already embeded?

    Thanks, for any help

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    And another feature request from me. Is it possible in web browser
    1) to make all links open in the same window (new windows go unfocused immediately)
    2) to make it possible to enter logins and passwords (standard IE access requests to secured directories) - it also looses focus and the text-coursor stops blinking
    3) to make imbedded IE not close when I hit EXIT and just go unfocused to the background?

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    I get a very similar error as in post 595 when I click the up arrow in the directory menu occassionally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by symon_say View Post
    I;m trying to integrate freephone in the skin, not the standalone, and in the manual of the freephone say that i have to change this B09,10,416,150,110,"PHOCO","" (in the BMV2 skin) in the file, i have been trying to find something like that in LSX but i havent, where can i found that so i can change the line.

    Somebody, please.
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    day/night auto-switch

    is there a way to auto-switch the day and night skins? i use hibernate, so i may have used the car during the day then come back to the car at night while it was hibernated. THerefore, i always use the day skin. Should i use gamma control or some other app to control this?



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    Please forgive me if this has already been covered (too lazy to read through 41 pages and search didn't give me much love), but I've got a white rectangle covering about 1/10th of the screen, about the combined widths of the ATT and OPT buttons on the main view, just above the media control buttons. Has anyone seen this or know what's going on?


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