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Thread: Digital FX 2.0 Transparent Released

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    Newbie Niob's Avatar
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    May 2007
    Again.. Greate skin and i still use it. Good luck with your new house btw.

    I just looked at the "speedFan" skin on my carputer and realized that al tmp's whas shown in faren and not celcius. And everything whas missplaced. Like Core showed 12v and 5v shown 2.9v So i started looking for info. And as this scin is so wonderfull and hawe sutch a greate creator. It even comes with a help file and som programs to help. I whas able to find all information i needed to change the settings and how to get them right. But i could not find 2 things. 1 whas how to make Faren to Celcius. And 2 what info goes where, What line shows what info in the config. So i started changing one line at the time. and restarted RR to see the effekt off the change. WERRY boring jobb to do hehe.

    So i figured out. if i dont like the job. There sure is lots of others thinking the same. So here i post the file i changed 4 you to read. As the config is HW related. And change from HW to HW. I just typed WHAT info should be entered on the line. The config is also changed to show Celcius.

    C2F = Faren and 0.0 C = Celcius (As far as i found out).

    NOTE: This is not a working config. As it only wil show some tekst in your speedfan page in RR. Use the program located in "helper files" folder named "ShowSpeedFanData.exe" to get the correct data to enter in the speedfan-skin file for YOUR system.

    NOTE: You can execute this config once 2 se if the information is at the right place. (should be similar as i think there is only one release of this skin at the moment). RED LINES IS THE ONE TO LOOK AT

    MEDIACAR Games Skin
    /, B, x, y, w, h, Command;COMMANDCODES, Tooltip
    B,0,0,794,80,"RUN;C:\Program Files\SpeedFan\speedfan.exe",
    /, L, x, y, w, h, color R;RGB, G, B, font size;FONT, font name, Code;LABELCODES, Tooltip;LABELALIGNMENT
    L,333,203,100,28,255,255,255,20,"Arial","=HD1TMP","0.0 C"
    L,615,204,104,28,255,255,255,20,"Arial","=HD2TMP","0.0 C"
    L,81,202,111,28,255,255,255,20,"Arial","=CASETMP","0.0 C"
    L,77,83,96,32,255,255,255,20,"Arial","=CPUTMP","0.0 C"L,585,83,96,32,255,255,255,20,"Arial","CPU","RIGHT"
    /, B, x, y, w, h, Command;COMMANDCODES, Tooltip
    /, I, x, y, w, h, Code;INDICATORCODES
    Still sorry for my bad English

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    Low Bitrate leatherboy's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    Athens, Greece
    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    Thanks for the reply. I found a solution to my problem guided by this thread.
    Enforcer If we (I) didn't search the threads I should have post hudrends of questions. As you can see my posts are few and I spent alot of time reading. And as you could find many of my post never get an answer. Anyway. In this case I searched for acdsee, for external application, imageviewer, picture viewer, etc but in threads not in posts. And of course I didn't get the right result. It happens when you work 18 hours in front of a monitor. Sorry to bother you and thanks again.

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    Constant Bitrate
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    Feb 2007
    Croydon UK

    are you causing trouble

    Enforcer. LOL.....

    just a quick question ,

    i want to add labels for new ver.gatso hunter to my AutoRoute skin, now is it possiable to make the same labels as buttons as well,
    i hav'nt tryed it yet its something on my to - do list.

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    Low Bitrate leatherboy's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    Athens, Greece
    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    Confusion Says:

    One should look at all smilies to get full meaning before taking offence.

    More of the Confusion Masters wise sayings here

    My friend, you are right for one who has time and time is money. If you dont have time, you are asking questions.

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    Nov 2006

    Radio Preset Question

    John et al,

    I have been lurking for about a year now while I have built my carputer. So far I have been able to get most everything I want functional. Of the RR skins I have tried this is no doubt the best by far.

    I have one request/question. Is there a way to get the presets in the radio skin to auto update based on zip. I have created a script that uses a file from the FCC along with the zip.dat file to calculate what radio stations are within a given distance of a zip code. (I am planning a cross country trip with my son this summer and thought it would be nice not to have to search the airwaves for stations.) Initially I thought of doing it manually by adding a buttion to the radio skin that would copy the desired file, based on zip, over the radio.ini file and do a skin reload. No joy there. The list didn't update and I discovered that the radio.ini file was overwritten with its original contents when RR was exited.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Constant Bitrate
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    Dec 2006
    College Park MD USA


    Ok, you've won a convert. I made my WinXP icons 40-pixels wide at 640x480 and scaled WinAMP to 250% and resisted having a Front End for oh... three or four months. But I finally tried RR and a couple of skins... yeah, this is easier. Much easier to use on the road - you guys win.

    I also appreciate how customizable this stuff is. I customized the buttons on the main menu (No radio, sat-radio or DVD here...) swapped the album art for the playlist, just fixed the mixer issue and uh... 'functionally' embedded WiFi Hopper, Thunderbird, and my EasyOBD-II program. I'm using DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2007, which is also sorta-embedded now - I gotta learn SENDKEY and set the keyboard shortcuts maybe. Two actual suggestion though not so groundbreaking I'm sure: 1) Keep the buttons on the bottom of the main menu (menu, power, prev, play, next, vol-, vol+, mute) in the same place in all the screens if possible. 2) It would be nice if there were a template of empty buttons to customize. Is there? I didn't see one, and photoshoping buttons isn't fun.

    Anyway, I basically just wanted to thank John for his awesome skin which I am now using. Thanks!!
    Elantra GT 1.2GHz Duron, RoadRunner & LSX Void 3.2. Status: Stable...

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    Newbie EL_GRECO101's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Keratsini - Greece
    Can you say more details for "EasyOBD-II" program cause I'm looking for a nice and "light" OBD-II program!
    Virtuousness & Daring...!

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    Constant Bitrate
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    Feb 2007
    Croydon UK

    i'm intrested in the Wifi hopper program

    any chance you can give more info on that for me please.


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