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Thread: Digital FX 2.0 Transparent Released

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    Maximum Bitrate redls1bird's Avatar
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    Try searching this thread for those problems, The forward and back buttons are def. covered. Theres a problems with the file. change the "nexttrack" and "prevtrack" commands to just next and previous.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mavrik1621 View Post
    First post here. Tried searching the forum for a thread with someone running into this issue and can't seem to find a solution.

    - Volume control does nothing in all screens on both music and video.
    - Track forward and backward does nothing in only the "Player" screen but functions on the main screen and on the playlist screen

    - This last part isnt too much of an issue as I've never had this working in the past, but... Does anyone have a link to a thread of a "step by step" on how to configure the phone utility for RR? I have a Palm Centro with Sprint, and I'd like to get the Phone Utility working for at least phone calls. Internet isn't too much of a worry, I suppose.

    I am running:

    Windows Vista Business Service Pack 1
    Intel Core 2 CPU T7200 @ 2.0GHz
    2.00GB RAM
    RR Version: 2007/12/13
    Digital FX Version: 2.0 Transparent with Service Pack 1 Installed

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    holy really? why? there have been reports of some stuff not working correctly with vista, for future reference.

    why do you have SP1 for Vista? that has been delayed because there are known problems.

    As for your volume issue. Look in RRConfig. Set the audio to Line Out or Master Volume, something like that. I dont have it handy right here to be specific.

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    Constant Bitrate
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    Nov 2007
    hi guys.. i downloaded this sking and is really awsome..
    but i am having an issue in hookin up my HTC touch fone to it. i am using RR for the first time. i cudnt find any tutorial regarding this. i am using " BlueSoleil " software on my desktop.

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    Jul 2007
    Can't wait for the new release ....

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    Maximum Bitrate albysure's Avatar
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    pittsfield, ma.
    i loaded the skin and it works fine but when i change screens i have to run the mouse over the buttons to see them. and where do i add those lines in the rr.ini file. i have tried a few spots but it doesn't change anything. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Electrico312 View Post
    Can't wait for the new release ....
    I second that. I am sure thousands of us are patiently waiting for the update. No Pressure John

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    got it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redls1bird View Post
    Im having an issue with media copy not seeing my usb memory stick. Its how I transfer songs from my computer in the house to the car. It worked for about the first week, but not, when i insert my usb drive, and go to media copy, it lists a drive letter F: which is the drive, but it wont let me switch to it to copy. If i press the F: icon on the screen, nothing changes. I know the computer see it because if i minimize rr and go to my computer on the desktop, everything is where it should be. Any ideas?
    This is an anomaly with RR. Basically, if there is not a file on the root of your memory stick, you cannot switch to it. It won't list just directories if no file exists. I resolved this by just tossing an empty text file on the root of my memory stick.
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    Believe I just saw some sneak previews on Utube.....Wow....I can't wait!

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