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Thread: Digital FX 2.0 Transparent Released

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    Mar 2007
    Just installed the skin, great works & 2 thumb ups!!! JohnWPB

    Only problem I find out is illegible international letters (Thai, in my case) displaying on the top of each sub menu. It displays correctly in Digital FX main menu and playlist. Any suggestion?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jarred View Post
    Make sure you have .exe in your music file types.
    I'm also experiencing the same problem and *do* have .exe listed in my music file types. Any other ideas?

    I've installed RR + Digital FX (blue) on two computers now and both show the exact same problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylan View Post
    I'm also experiencing the same problem and *do* have .exe listed in my music file types. Any other ideas?

    I've installed RR + Digital FX (blue) on two computers now and both show the exact same problem.
    i would say make sure you have the following directories:

    \DigitalFXBlue\Road Runner\Skins\DigitalFX Blue\Menus

    \DigitalFXBlue\Road Runner\Skins\DigitalFX Blue\Logos

    if thats confusing, the directory with all the .skin files is:
    \DigitalFXBlue\Road Runner\Skins\DigitalFX Blue

    so in the dir with all the jpgs for the menus and .skin files, you should have a menus and logos folder, not to mention folders for flash, scripts, slider battery, temp, vid capture, and weather


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    John, thanks for posting the XM favorites PSD. It makes it a lot easier to get around in XM.

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    Boriman, Wow! Thats a lot of trial and error to get your picture posted!

    Boriman, Sylad & Jared:

    Are you guys using the LATEST RR, that the link is posted to in the first thread? It looks from here that you are not, as the .png files are not showing up in the directory list, and JUST the .exe file is. I am wiling to bet this is the problem.

    From the first post, right under the download link:
    NOTE: You MUST have the latest RR Beta (01/22/07) for some of the new features to work. You can download it HERE (Just download the Road Runner.exe and replace your current one with it.
    As for the font problem, Install the font that came with the file. I will make sure that is corrected here for the next release.

    Glad the PSD's helped you out.
    Front End of Choice: Ride Runner (Is there anything else??? ) & Powered by the DFX5.1 Skin Available in the Mobile App Mart

    My Fiero Build Thread

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWPB View Post
    Boriman, Wow! Thats a lot of trial and error to get your picture posted!
    I know. Still didn't get it. Need to practice more

    As for the RR version - I thought it was the last one, but replacing just the .exe file from the link you provided fixed the problem. Thank you, John!

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    Richmond Virginia
    I'm having problems installing this skin. I get the following error messages
    Script c:\Documents and Settings\...\Install Digital FX Bluel.vbs
    Line 192
    Char 43
    Error Path not found
    Code 800A004C
    Source Microsoft VBScript run time error
    I then tried to install again and got a different error but similar
    Script c:\Documents and Settings\...\Install Digital FX Bluel.vbs
    Line 190
    Char 44
    Error File not found
    Code 800A0035
    Source Microsoft VBScript run time error
    I have tried to install this on my carputer as well as my laptop (HP livestrong w/AMD turion ) I tried the brushed metal color am I missing something? I did install Liquid Smoke ok but wanted to try this skin also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_Civic View Post
    I had a problem with the weather module previously; was receiving the maps fine but the 1 & 5 day forecasts was blank. A simple removal and re-install of the skin was all it needed.
    I needed to do it manually (no biggie, instructions are good). For some reason I couldn't get the automatic install to work, get a .vbs error. I did follow and retrace the steps, and just did it again. Made sure the weather folder was where it belongs, even swapped out the old images for the new and back. Same thing. Maybe because I am doing it manually?

    The maps work, I'm wondering if it's a RR config problem, or maybe the PC itself? What would cause the auto install to stop before it starts?

    I thought the latest release for RR was 03/01...

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    Nov 2005
    I just downloaded the updated skin in BM format. The installer didn't work for me again (same error as posted above) so I installed it manually and it appears to work. However I have a few issues:

    1. The flash on the GPS stats screen still does not work properly (the speedo still does not work right). Did I miss something in the manual install?

    2. I could not find the "AddtoRRini.txt" file to help speed up the skin as you stated in the original post.

    3. I also noticed in the BM skin that the DigitalFX setup screen does not match the one posted above (I noticed that you changed the skin a bit since the last release).

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

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    Mar 2007
    First I would like to say what a wonderfull and fully intigrated skin this is!! Please keep developing this one!! My favorite!!

    Some input. and a few questions.

    I too am having trouble which the script installer
    line 201
    char 40
    error Path not found
    code 800A004C

    I have installed it manually

    I am running the latest Blue skin with March 6 2007 beta road runner on windows 2k

    I am also wondering how to setup Canadian weather locations is this done in the config or in an ini file and what do I put for Canadian locations?

    I have iguidance 3 how do I get this working with your skin? I have the latest script enhanced UMPC version which I replaced in the inav directory put the theme.ini file there as well. used the rr config and replaced the path for mapmonkey and used the external source radio button.. can't get it working?

    Once again this site is a wonderful resource for a budding carputer builder. thanks for all the great info.


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