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Thread: Freedom Ultimate (Worklog)

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    Not sure if this still applies in FU, but in FD2.1 it does not allow you to copy an entire data CD (from the root directory) into a destination. You must go into a directory (as source) and then it will copy that directory and its contents. I understand why this was done/how it works, but is there any way to copy an entire CD (root dir and up) straight to the destination dir chosen?

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    am using the silabs usb radio but when going into the radio in the channels list. I don't get the stations all I get is a list of songs looks like a playlist but not one of mine.

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    Everything works fine now, except the video won't go in fullscreen.
    I set it to auto fullscreen in video options, but it doesn't do it.
    When i doubleclick inside the small videoscreen it goes into full mode but after 2 seconds jumps back.

    nm... it fixed itself after a restart of roadrunner.

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    Just a quick question...
    I'm running this with freephone and it's working great as usual... the only thing is that I need to go to the phone screen once for it to connect...
    I remember when using Freedom skin there was some setting that it should connect to the phone every time it started the skin...

    anyone remember the line for that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcanngo View Post
    1.) The GPS reception bar works great but i noticed if i'm in the GPS section and my iguidance is running, the gps reception bar always goes to 0. Is it some interference error with the program?
    I was wondering about that too so I did some experimenting:

    Copy this line from L,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,"arial","GPSSAT",

    In, paste the line in between these two lines:

    So it would look like this:

    There's probably too much code in there but it works.

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    Thanks treetop i'll give that a try tomorrow morning!

    Does anyone think that a "search" or "jump to" button/feature would be useful in the audio section useful? I sometimes really wanna listen to a certain song and i know i have it but it's really hard to find. What do you guys try to do when this happens?

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    Question Some issues PLEASE HELP!!!


    Can someone please help me i am haveing several issues the Ultimate Skin.

    1. Sound: I cannot control it properly as soon as I hit "-" it drops the sound to zero.

    2. I am unable to apply the color change. When hit save in the screen where there is the color grid nothing happens. I relaunched it several times but nothing happened. (someone sugested to update my flash player and I did the only thing that accomplished was that now i can select the color. But that change does not get applied to the rest of the skin.)

    3. Is there a way to hide the top bar in GPS screen. I am using Iguidance and the top portion of the status bar covers alot of map.

    If someone can please help me I would be really greatful.

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    since my old 600mhz laptop isn't cutting it to run freedrive navigation while playing movies without letting the movie skip and the audio become out of synch, i decided to try the install on a compaq deskpro en board i had in the "spareparts bin".

    Everything runs a lot smoother, freedrive and video at the same time is no longer a problem, however with my new install i got a problem with the mediaplayer. It allways reverts back to showing the top caption menu, even going in full screen. I disable it in mediaplayer in view and next time it will resume to the old settings.

    Anyone have any idea on how to make the mediaplayer go into full screen without showing menus?

    Also, the compaq psu has a 14 pin connector, is there a place that sells convertor cables to go from 20 pin atx to 14 pin, or am i looking at a nice soldering job ?

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    Is there anoter download link for Alpha 0.4? The one on Freedrive has been removed. Thx.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ccsnet View Post
    I'm just about to drop back to 03 today ( thanks soloxp ) because when I booted up today Adobe Flash told me there was a script running that will slow my machine down and may be hang it.... errr it did lol.

    It also muted Winamp - a problem I've had before. I'm not 100% but I think the problem is some thing to do with hibernation - what I am not sure about.

    Quote Originally Posted by ccsnet View Post
    Tipet -for night mode nudge the you selected skin coulour up a few shades from the day colour. All the important info stands out at the same colour as the day skin with the rest been darker.

    Looks quite good....

    Originally Posted by ccsnet
    While we are talking buttons CDR..... got stuck on the M6 last night and was playing with the web skin.

    Where you have lower buttons change ( ie from web to volume etc ) is there any chance you can add the following ?

    1) Online / Offline Indicator ( I guess a simple ping will do )
    2) A dial up connect button
    3) A dial up disconnect button

    ( Some info on that here - The code shows you the command line needed for both. )

    Quote Originally Posted by ccsnet View Post
    CDR - I see the web browser autoconnects now but It some times has if you have it started ( The web app ) and then move to another screem and hibernate but dont have your phone one you. Sort of hang around for ages once you restart.

    Any chance you can add a manual option too as discussed above ?

    I've also noted the 0.4 seems slower loading it too in general.....


    Bump for CDR to save you looking at all the old posts.....


    PS ( Welcome back )

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