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Thread: Wanted- BMW iDrive pictures

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    Wanted- BMW iDrive pictures

    After a long time gone I'm back... although I never actually posted much so you probably didn't miss me

    I've been looking at the current iDrive skins, and they're good... although not exactly what I've been looking for for my BMW.

    The new version of iDrive (at least new as far as my understanding goes) is the one with the 4 squares to the top, bottom, left and right of the center representation of the control knob, with coloured arrows... looks like this:

    Of course with english text. If someone who has an iDrive system like this, if you could take pictures of every screen fathomable and either post or email them to me I would be a very happy boy.

    I'll try to get down to the BMW dealer sometime this week (maybe Thursday) and see if they'll let me "test" an iDrive system and then I may be able to take pictures of that.

    There was a thread before (the original iDrive skin thread) that someone offered to do this, but the thread is almost 5 months old now so I just decided to make this one.

    So! in conclusion, if anyone has pictures of, or can take pictures of, the new iDrive screens I would be very appreciative.

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    I wish I saw this thread a few months ago. I had a new 5 series as a loaner when my car was at the dealer for some work. Anyway, the link below is to a BMW video that talks about iDrive (click the iDrive link). About halfway through the video there are some screen shots to let you see what it looks like. Although not all of the iDrive screens, from what I remember, most of the screens are in this video.

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