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Thread: SE - Clean Skin for Accords... or other cars too...

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    SE - Clean Skin for Accords... or other cars too...

    Here it goes...

    I've been using a few of MGDs skins for the past 6-7 months on my new (and first) carPC install. First let me give a big thanks to MGD for all the work he puts into his skins. They're simply top of the line. I also need to thank Guino. There's just nothing else to compete with RR.

    I recently got the door placed back on the cubby where I mounted my touchscreen. While that was what had planned to do all along, it presented one big problem. The top inch (maybe just less than an inch) was covered up by the door. Anyone else with an '03 or newer accord with the screen mounted down there will know what I mean.

    To fix this I decided to create a new skin which includes a fairly useless information bar in the top 1" of the screen. That would push the IG map lower allowing the driver to see the entire map without leaning over (and killing everyone in the car).

    I also decided the use the cool Honda - Space picture as a background. By setting a 16 color version of this to the boot screen, the 32-bit version as a windows wallpaper and using as the splash/background picture in the skin, it made the whole boot up sequence feel very fluid. Like it really was one piece of software.

    Anyway, here are the beginnings of my first skin. It only supports a few features, but its all I need.

    Main menu...
    Name:  MainMenu.jpg
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    Audio player...
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    Navigation Screen...
    Name:  NavigationScreen.jpg
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    Obviously the big blank spot in the nav screen is where IG loads. I've tested it in my car and it works great. I just don't have IG installed on this computer right now.

    Its still a work in progress, but I'm open to thoughts and suggestions...

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    Looking good, I like the big buttons. The more you have on a screen the more distraction while driving. Keep it up.
    Here is one I am working on whenever I have some time, lately almost none.
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    I like it. Simple, clean... yet effective.

    I know what you mean about time, it'll be a couple of weeks before I have enough time to sit and work on mine anymore.

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