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Thread: Post the skin you use and why.

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    628's strange, but I love the same skin used by Walstib...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    We do work together from time to time, and are always helping each other out if necessary.
    Yea, this is true. Liquid Smoke and I chat just about on a daily basis, and work things out together quite a bit. I have passed him some code, and he has helped me quite a bit with solving problems and coding issues as well.

    I think you would be hard pressed to find a any skin that is 100% from scratch. Meaning, that its not using a piece of code from a skin here and there, ideas from another skin, plugins that someone written ect ect. I think its great that all these options are there to share and use to make all of the skins better and better.
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    I am using my New Age skin now,
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    using own vw gypsy clone
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    I use this skin (Shock V.3) although it is still installed in the car due to on-going problens with the carputer. If anybody can help me please PM me!

    That's my motor by the way

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    I'm using the Digital FX 2.0 skin right now. I started off with Freedom ultimate which is what got me into trying these front end things in the first place (I was just using winamp with a high contrast skin blown up to a bigger size and tiling MS streets and trips next to it.) Because of the FU flash cpu hogginess, I went to MC2 skin by CDRskull, i liked the album art being integrated into the skin (much like FU). Then I came across the DigitalFX 2.0 skin. I will probably be sticking with this one for quite some time.

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    This is what I use in my Saab...

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    I use the MC2.0 skin by CDRSkull, superb, i love the integration of freedrive, and the on screen speedo!

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    In the couple of months I've had RR, I tried Digital FX 2 because it looked great. I just started trying out LSX Void 2; I like the day/night contrast and the customizable main menu - lets me not waste screen area on features I don't have (Sat Radio, TV, Phone, DVD). I had already customized Digital FX 2's main screen though, so I'm not set. I have a slow processor 850Mhz Duron, so speed matters. Sometimes a button-press takes 3 sec...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cobase View Post
    ........ LSX Void 2; I like the day/night contrast and the customizable main menu - lets me not waste screen area on features I don't have (Sat Radio, TV, Phone, DVD).........

    (well, at least for me)
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