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Thread: How do i change the logo

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    How do i change the logo

    well long story short, my HD crashed i lost everything including skins, i finally scrounged a copy of freedom again after reading all 67 pgs of the thread now i just got done with the scion logos which i attached at the bottom if anyone wants them, now i just got a couple questions:

    is there a way to turn on the sideshow on freedom automatically when rr starts?

    and second

    how do i do this?, i would like to put in my cars logo instead of RRs logo

    PS: the logos are PNGs if you rename them to JPGs they won't be transparent anymore.
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    could you send me a link to this skin with the scion changes would appreciate it

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    I'd also love to find a copy of that skin. Scion changes or not.

    I did some searching in a 62 page long thread and came up with Ultimate Alpha 0.3 version. Unfortunately it's somewhat incomplete I think.


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