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Thread: LOW BUDGET SKIN for Winterdays (preview)

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    LOW BUDGET SKIN for Winterdays (preview)

    after playing with new plugins in some skins i go back to the root.

    no transperence, no coverflow, no picviewer and so on.
    all things i didn't need if im driving.

    music on, perhaps the EQ changing... nothing else.
    visu... 90% CPU speed, thanks for that gift.
    config from what ever... forget it if you drive on highways or in rush our.

    i stop it and go basic. 10 screens, one for every function.

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    think next week its ready for release. have some problems with the speedometer/clock/compass.

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    Simple, Elegant and Polished, looking forward to this one. Looks like it would be right at home in the dash af an audi TT or something. Nice work GF! These simple skins that make use while driving easy impress me more than the flash skins.
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    Nice looking skin.
    Honda City

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    one step before releasing, one skin for day & one for night mode.

    i think its ready, try tomorrow the speedometer. if all run i give a link.

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    i think i make enough skins for a while. the Iphone Clone in DAY mode is also ready for releasing.

    now its time to go outside with the dog.

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    Nice work
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