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Thread: Shock Skin V 6.0 Released

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    I apologize---Spoken too soon..Hope you're not angry at me...
    And nice job mounting LCD in your car...I see you're crazy about Ford like my girfriend,soon I'll have to change from VW to Ford,the presure is too big from her side,so you gave me an idea how to deal with Ford...thanks!
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    Any shots of V7 ?

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    2 things I want to integrate is the color/theme selector and RRmedia.

    I have all the ground work code laid out for the color switching, its just a matter of making an interface to write to the settings.txt file.

    I'm adding to it here and there when time permits, as I'm also coding an entire new skin, art, code, everything is original. It will be known as "cube" Best part is it is "old school" in the way that it has NO dependencies except for roadrunner.exe. The goal for cube is straight forward: ease of operation, while in motion. It is designed to be used in a car, not on the desktop.

    Anyway enough about cube, just remember, you heard it here first

    Devel has been a bit delayed as I upgraded my machine to a AMD phenom quad core and 10k RPM drives, it has taken a bit of work to get everthing running on vista x64 bit edition.

    Here is an early shock v7 home screener as requested, its being built / continued from shock 6.1.1, Art updated so that the selected screen tab appears "down"
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