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Thread: Real Time RR Cmd Debug Window

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    Real Time RR Cmd Debug Window

    The basic idea was to create a way to have a real time debug window of almost all executed commands.
    The only commands that this does not show are any "REQUEST" type as they are executed on the spot.

    It will show the last 20 executed cmd's, which could help a skinner see a typo or a noob to see how RR cmds work.

    All you need to do is add the following lines to your rr.ini;

    (set the x,y to where you want the window, defaults are x=800,y=0)

    Put the RRDebugWin.dll in RR's root folder and register it.

    Put "X,RRDebugWin" in your file

    Lastly, make an entery in the KeyTBL.ini file to toggle it Off and on from the keyboard
    F4 (ie.. 115,"RR_Debug" )

    It also remembers the last state on/off. New Cmd's on top and are pushed down as cmds are executed.

    I have included the above in the zip.

    Let know what you think, helpfull? Has to me!
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    Nice one Blue,

    I am sure this will come in useful when debugging!

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    i created one of these awhile back . it really helped to troubleshoot flash issues. one feature i added was the ability to filter criteria so that things like the wifi plugin wouldnt make the debugger impossible to decipher Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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