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Thread: embedding an exe app. in flash?

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    embedding an exe app. in flash?

    The exe link is corrent, but dont run. I solved this problem, but exe donīt embedded. There are a code or way for embedding a program into skin window using flash? Thanks.

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    I don't know if flash would have all the low level functions needed to embed an application -- I don't believe it can.

    Post the command you tried to use for embedding the app directly and we'll try to help you.
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    I try different codes, but any of these embedded the application completely. Else, if I will set a button (i.e. "E" key) the skin donīt run, because on top is or skin, or application. I post the codes and explain (all in order "on release"):

    getURL("fscommand:load;;!Syg ic DRIVE;C:\RR\DRIVE\DRIVE.exe |-no-safety -r800x550;!Sygic DRIVE||ACTIVATE;Sygic DRIVE",""); ---> this code donīt embedded the application, and donīt started with RR ( Needed execute first to embedd in the window)

    fscommand ("LOAD;");
    fscommand ("RUN;C:\\RR\\DRIVE\\drive.exe;drive");
    ---> with this code, I start the app, but the problem is when I try control with buttons os flash skin. Size is encoded in (c01,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx).Thanks for all Guino. I think this code is wrong for flash skinning.

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