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Thread: Omega Final

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    How many more left before release is the real question?

    Looking REAL nice tho man

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    Quote Originally Posted by MGD View Post
    Two more screens are done. Parking Cam with backup sensors by RobbyBMW (waiting on PIC and Board) and drive cam recorder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dmistry View Post
    How many more left before release is the real question?

    Looking REAL nice tho man
    Seriously. How about you make one "This Feature is not Available" screen and point all these extended features to it (since most of us don't have the hardware to support them anyway). Then, when you get all your extra feature screens done, you can just release an update pack.

    All I want is the main menu, music, and nav screens. All this other stuff sure looks pretty, but it will never work in my car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeyracer View Post
    Damn, looks nice. Will DL when I get to that computer.
    edit: or when you release it...

    Nice and clean. Very consistent theme across the board (A lot of skins lose that sometimes.)
    uh, hmm... that was in april. still waiting, patiently of course...

    I have to agree with InfinitiPC, it would be nice to get the core of the skin (you know, the stuff we actually use on an everyday basis) and have the extended features as an update download. You could do one lite, one normal, and one MGD edition with all the stuff you use that most of us won't.
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    Favorite thread EVER!

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    Thread Closed.

    Here is the link to the release thread.

    Lets Go

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