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Thread: Internet Radio Question

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    Internet Radio Question

    Hello Peeps,

    Ok here is a DigitalFX 3.0 question, is there a way i can edit the net radio buttons to set my own net radio?

    Example I want to press B96 (my local radio station) and have their listen live website start playing. Is this even possible?

    Thanks Folks.

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    Bump for similar interest. Plus, my buttons seem to be linked to the wrong stations. I.e., Dance goes to Classical?

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    Yes, but its complicated. If their listen live site sends you a playlist or an address for an audio file, you can default those files to autoplay in winamp. If so, see some of my older posts on internet radio for details. To see the internet stream data in playlists and labels requires modifying the RR source at your own risk and using TRACKNAME instead of TRACKTITLE or anything else.

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