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Thread: Please help; RR freezes when trying to use HD radio

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    Please help; RR freezes when trying to use HD radio

    I have been searching on and off for the past few days trying to find someone else having this issue.

    basically, I can use the HD radio using the software from mitch's website and with the included controler, but when I try and use it in RR, my mp3's halt and the program is competely frozen. I can still move the mouse but because I do not have a keyboard handy I have to do a hard turn off and restart to get running again.

    I'm using the latest rr exe download installer and DigitalFX 3.0 (great skin btw)

    I am using a radioshack serial/usb converter on comport 6, and have made sure the rr.ini file has hdradioport=6 and radiomode=8 under the [radio] heading.

    if I've missed something please let me know, or if there is any more info you need that I've left out.


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    just realized I totally put this in the wrong area, anybody with the ability, please move.


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    Did you register the HDRadioComm.dll in the HDRadio folder?
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    Try this version. Make sure to register HD dlls

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