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Thread: Anyone wanna help me making HTPC skin..

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    Anyone wanna help me making HTPC skin..

    I am making a 1920 x 1080 skin... I've done music, movie, photo, and weather is in working progress... I've used MGD's astros as a base to modifiy as I am not a great graphic designer they are.. This is not my skin, just making changes to suit my needs.. I didn't ask for permission, but I am sure MGD's cool with that.. Basically I need screens for enforcer's traffic control, sonic's movie times, guino's gg earth, phoco, sonic's game, and perhaps more and i was wondering if someone else might be interested in this skin and help me completing it... If so, i'll post psds..

    I think RR can be a great front end for HTPC!! Peace yo
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