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Thread: a GM type of request

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    a GM type of request

    can anyone make or has a skin that has a chevy logo spinning in it? and or a GM logo and or a Fiero Pegasus logo? i have a gif of a pegasus, but its completely not the right colors. or maybe all three? the GM and chevy ones would be pretty popular i think.

    i have done the spinning chevy logo in the BMV2 skin, but i would like a change.


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    and [Shameless Plug] TEKNIK1 / TEKNIK2 [/plug] ..

    Are you looking for soemthing spcific mate , or just a skin with one of those logos ?
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    just a skin with the logo, but a lil better looking than just the regular logo spinning. i like that transparent red mitsubishi one, but that looks like it is not changable. and if it is, the logo wont match the skin.

    maybe something to have a transparent black look.

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