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Thread: where is freedom 2.1...

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    where is freedom 2.1...

    i need to do some changes to my freedom 2.1 skin but i don't have the original read me file, does anyone have it?

    PS: i'm not asking for the skin i've read the 50 some odd pages of the freedom thread so i know why it got killed, i'm only asking for the read me file that came with it

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    Sorry,i cant help with the original read me file but try me,maybe i can help.
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    as i remember freedom2.1 never had a readme file.
    in version 1.0 alpha a readme exist.

    but if you want to know how it works, have a look to the FSR v1 skin.
    he adapt the freedom and the simplistique skin to one. also a adobe reader file exist for installing.

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    well i'm mainly trying to get windvd working and radioshark to work with it. but neither will, radioshark won't change frequencies and windvd just freezes

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