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Thread: Creative Audio Console

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    Creative Audio Console

    Having a creating X Fi SoundExtreme card with apps installed I was impressed by this design.

    Do we already have any skin going into this direction? Having an A/V Receiver emulated would be great idea for a new skin design approach.
    + It looks clean and simple
    + Could be easily navigated with SpaceNavigator or any other "Joystick"/Mousepad solution
    + Enough space to show playlists, scroll texts etc
    - Only GPS Navigation would be weird in a A/V Receiver design :-)

    offtopic: get one of these cards and forget of any onboard solution. it is worth the price because what is still most important in a car pc project is sound. and this card just rocks! never had that type of dynamic in bass and crispyness of sound in my bimmer before
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