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Thread: The RENESIS Project RELEASED in 800x600

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    The RENESIS Project RELEASED in 800x600

    The RENESIS Project in 800x600

    Now the second part of the RENESIS series, this time in 800x600 pixel.... format 4:3.

    The first skin you saw if you start the skin is the without any button.
    Only a picture, show what ever you want in solution 800x398, and the button/top line for controlling the music
    you see in this first screen.

    The 9 boxes in the top / or lower position of the screen is the symbol to jump into the

    Here are fixed the most switches i need, music, radio, video, phone, gps and gauges and and.

    Two ways of listening to music are possible, the first is the way against the albumcover plug from sal.r
    and the second the way with the rrmedia part from bluezx.

    Fixed is the Freephone of CDR.

    Shows you the weather for TODAY and the next two days. Dont forget to give your adress for weather in the rr.ini.

    Web browser.

    Some games.

    In this skin you can see the speed you drive, the satellites you connected and a compass.
    You can also jump into a screen where it shows you the data of your pc. dont forget to install speedfan.
    Another possibility is a gaspricefinder.
    See whats going on if you press the lights drive to left / drive to the right.

    Inside the exectbl.ini the gps is fixed to iguidance 212.

    In this skin is fixed the ADS Silabs radio, if you want any other radio, feel free to change the call inside the exectbl.ini.
    drawed are...FM radio, HD radio, XM and Sirius radio with favorite screen.

    Dont forget to install the codecs you need for the format of video you want to see.

    Some elementary settings in windows, or RideRunner.

    and a lot of helperscreens like
    Mixer..... start from Audio_Player screen.
    SkinBrowser.... right symbol in upper line.
    Minimize..... left Symbol in upper line.

    Backgroundpicture.... Start screen left bottom symbol jumps into the EXIT MENU,
    only in this screen you can jump into the backgroundchanger screen.

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    next screens

    Renesis in dark look

    Name:  start.jpg
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    Name:  menu.jpg
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    Name:  exit.jpg
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    link for loading, see the first post. dont forget to load the basics too.

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    Renesis in orange look

    a preview how it looks. for link see post 1 of this thread.

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    Name:  menu.jpg
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