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Thread: "black box" when ilist is enabled

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    "black box" when ilist is enabled


    I have a couple questions/problems. I am running Riderunner (2-2-09 update), LSX Void 3.301 skin on TinyXP. (I have both flash 10 and directx 9.0c installed)(Flash 10 was also installed through IE, so I have the activeX installed).

    I currently have a problem that whenever I enable ilist, all my lists become black boxes like pictured below. I have looked through the forums, but so far have been unable to find a solution, any ideas?

    Also, I have updated the format of the music within RRconfig to show as "%artist% - %title%" yet as you can see it is still showing up as "title - title". I don't know why this is. (I just updated the visual layout of the main screen and now it shows up as "Artist Artist - Title". So the artist is displayed twice, just like the title in the picture.) Any ideas how to get rid of that?

    Thanks for any help.

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    make a debug log (debugmode=true in RR.INI) and it my have the reason why DirectX isn't working right. As for the title format, try different songs and try different winamp tag data settings -- depending on what you have the format will come from winamp and not RR.
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