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Thread: Problem with editing button via 3.0/4.0 Button Editor (or simply editing Exectbl.ini

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    Problem with editing button via 3.0/4.0 Button Editor (or simply editing Exectbl.ini

    Hi all,

    I'm a new carpc user, just installed the latest rr + DFX 4.0 skin and have been doing some config b4 set it up in the car. However I run into a very odd problem and I'm totally stucked, hoping someone would be able to help:

    1. Was trying to setup the garmin mobilePC path to "D:\GarminMobilePC\Que.exe" (the default is...for some reason pointing to "I:\GarminMobilePC\Que.exe") using the "3.0/4.0 Button Editor By BlueZX3", saved it and restarted rr, then none of the button (except only the Music button)works again, thay all give no response when click.

    Spent almost an hour and figured it out it doesn't matter if I use the button editor or not, as soon as I have changed and saved anything in the Exectbl.ini (even adding a "-" into an existing line), those buttons won't ever work. Tried to reverse the change --- no luck, it only works after I copy across the original copy.

    I have attached the live debug log if they would help:
    1st run.txt ----> log when I start rr (before editing Exectbl.ini)
    on gps button click.txt ---> log when I click the gps button (before editing Exectbl.ini)
    after edited.txt ---> log when I click all the buttons in menu (after edited Exectbl.ini)

    Exectbl.ini.txt ----> after edit and reversed (only thing I changed was the path from "I:\" to "D:\" in "MyApp53")
    Exectbl_BACKUP.ini.txt ----> original copy

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    Please no one able to help ?

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    what OS?
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    Ok, so I see what your problem is...

    Open your exectbl file and search for 'SkinButton1'. You should have 1 thru 16 each on seperate lines but if you look, they all got put on the same line. Somehow the button editor didn't use both the end-of-line characters, which is a "CarriageReturn" & "LineFeed". I see the linefeed one but the carriagereturn ended up being a "?" instead...
    Is the first time I've seen this kinda error with that tool. What OS and what language?
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    I wasn't sure if that was related to the button editor, because it happened the same way even if i open it up from text editor.


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