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Thread: Carwings on RideRunner ??

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    Carwings on RideRunner ??

    It is saying that my Carwings_Dynamic folder does not contain a valid skin.....What does this mean??

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    Again, U people need to give more info in order to get info...

    Did you :
    use the installer?
    Run the config and set all your paths?
    Check your ..\skins\ folder to make sure that the folder is there ("Carwings_Dynamic")?
    Check that you have both a General.ini and in that folder?
    Which RR version are you trying to use?

    Just some things to try look for first.

    PS. In future, if posting about a bug/issue also list important info that help others to help you. Most will just pass on by if they see that the poster has NOT listed any or enough info to help solve the problem.
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    The skin folder is within another folder - been there done that!
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