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Thread: Dynamic Menus/images help (nGen Skin)

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    Dynamic Menus/images help (nGen Skin)

    Bear with me this is kinda long

    So I'm almost done with the ford nexgen skin (nGEN as I'm currently calling it). The bad thing is that it is static and not customizable. I played around with the carwings_dynamic skin recently and thought "thats kinda cool I should do that with mine." Now enters my problem. The one thing I don't like about most skins is the menu screen and redundant player screens (MP3, SAT, RADIO). So I decided to make the menu always visible like the ford NexGen and streamline it a bit.

    Below is an example of my MP3 player screen. The menu items on the left (in blue) I want dynamic so the user can select what goes there (just like CW_D). The problem lies in keeping the buttons what the user selected. To do this I'm thinking using variables to set the menu items / six images (buttons) on the left. When a user clicks a button it opens the appropriate skin and sets the variable for which button was pressed. This variable (lets call it menu_pos#) is passed or read by the opened skin file and based on the position# displays a toggled (pressed) image for that position.

    Does this sound like the correct or at the least a way to do it?

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    You can make several look-a-like screens and just load them for each function with the buttons selected/highlighted.. you'd never be able to tell you changed screens if you do it right... otherwise you'd have use LOADIMAGE to display each button (adjusting the correct on/down/off layers)... in either case you can use an include file to define the buttons on the left side, but the different screens is a better idea..
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    Thanks Guino - I'll give that a shot. I actually like the idea of using LOADIMG versus creating duplicate screens for each button position. I'll give it a shot and see which one works.

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