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Thread: Request of all RR Skinners

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    Request of all RR Skinners

    Alright, so here's the deal. I'm a programmer, and have zero artistic talent. There are quite a few VERY talented people creating RR skins. What I'm asking for is simply permission to port skins over to my frontend, RevFE. I'm not asking for the original creators to do any work at all, I will do all of that. The original creators will retain copyright and credit, the only place my name will be on it is for RevFE support for that skin. You don't have to provide any support. I'm just looking for some good skins to use with my frontend as I can not create any.

    So is there anyone willing to allow me to port their skin over?
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    1-If you make RevFE compatible with RR's skins, then it's only up to the users to download/use the skin where they want.

    2-If you make a TOOL that converts the skins from RR's format to your skin format, then again it's up to the users to download/convert/use the skins where they want.

    3-Getting permission is probably not going to be an issue for most skin authors, but assuming that you'll likely not implement ALL the functions at once, then doing the actual conversion work by hand then testing will probably take as much time as building a simple converter or as coding native support for the skins.
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    I like the converter idea and I was planning on porting the nGen skin to RevFE once it is complete. I would also think a converter is going to only be able to convert button and label locations since several skins may use plugins and coding that may be difficult make a 100% converter. I do like the idea of XML as a skinning language though

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    You can use my original carwings skin, it's 100% open source including the art. Have at it, it's available on my website.
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    I can't see why not, but you must be aware most of the skins are using RR pluggins and converting those skins will require some additional work beside just using a converter. You may have to have your converter omit labels and button commands automatically if the command is not recognized by RevFE.
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