is it possiable to have a label cmd , show above everything else in a skin,

idea: what i have done so far is have a label cmd for "VOLUME", which on press of either vol+ or vol- buttons this label appears and gives you the percent, but when this label is over a list ie ilist it is covered by the list or any label with VHCENTER , in my case.

lines i'm useing now

in skin file =
L,xx,xx,xx,xx,",255,255,255,60,"arial","=$VOLLABEL $","WRAP-CENTER"

in Exectbl.ini =


so can a label be made to settopmost , so it shows above everything, maybe a setting for the label cmd.

L,xx,xx,xx,xx,",255,255,255,60,"arial","=$VOLLABEL $/ot","WRAP-CENTER" =ot meaning ontop

hope this makes sense RR team


sorry posted in wrong thread , should be in requests i think