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Thread: Skin question about dual display and GPS

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    if load;skin;gps works, then you should be good.. there should be no side effect of doing that as opposed to EXIT.
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    Sweet! So now I am trying this on the reborn skin. It looks like the button commands are defined in the skin.ini and I change it to use the load;skin;gps but when I click the music button the gps doesn't show in the application defined area. The rest works with going back and forth on the GPS skin, just music skin.

    I guess I could hardcode that button maybe instead of using the variable buttons? So I guess buttons can be defined in different places? In carwings i was defined in the exectbl.ini.

    I am getting a hang of this skining stuff, its great how much flexibility there is.

    Also can a RUN command be put in a skin file by itself? So say when you click a skin you want it to run something without hitting a button.

    Can you have more than one embed application in a skin?
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