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Thread: Developing skin for racing cars.

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    Developing skin for racing cars.

    Good evening guys.

    I'm currently trying to develop a very simple skin to run in my racecar's carpc.

    I want it to be as light as possible, as I have to boot it from a flash card, as the HDD would not handle track conditions.

    What I'm trying to do is a very simple skin, with only the following options:

    TRACKS (like a picture album to show the track circuits)
    CAMERA (to record the race from the front bumper)
    GPS (now this is really tricky because I want to embeed the software "Racechrono" but accessing it straight from the main menu)
    LOG (to run my datalogging software, embeeded as the GPS software)
    PREVIOUS RUNS (a player, to show the previously recorded videos)

    Now, for example, the GPS, CAMERA, and DATALOG functions have to be all on at the same time, closing only when I ask them to do so.

    Is it possible to be done? If yes, where should I start from?

    It is realy important for me to make it work as setting up all those functions separately is being a PITA for me.

    thanks in advance

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    The skin can be done.. the question is if you already have software in mind for the camera functions and already have the image of the tracks to show.

    You should probably start looking here (look at the top "sticky" posts):

    The FAQs should have other info such as embedding applications and such:
    Ride Runner RR's Myspace

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    brasileiro tambem? hehehe

    So, basically, I will be running the RRCam to record the images, the Racechrono to record the laptimes (and it ca generate a .avi file for you to sync with the video), HONDATA S300 software for the datalog, and a simple image viewer for the track information, which is being vectorized by a friend of mine (basically only INTERLAGOS and curitiba, because they are the ones that I will see more often)

    I am currently having some problems with the skin, I will try to figure it out by my self, then I post the resultas here, later.


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