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Thread: VISU and Winamp versions

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    VISU and Winamp versions

    I've been trying to get embedded visualization to work in my skin. I have AVS selected as the default plugin, a 'A' area defined in the skin, and AVS Window selected in RRConfig. I send VISU using SkinTool and and visualization starts, but it is not embedded at all -- just sitting off to the side of the screen somewhere, with the winamp border still around it.

    Looking through the forums, there are some old posts about using 2.97 or 5.13 winamp versions to get it to work, but I thought that several months ago I'd read that it is now OK to use the latest winamp version for RR. Is that not the case? Has anyone gotten visualizations to work with more recent winamp versions? I'm running 5.581, btw...

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    of course...

    try carwings! the visu button is on the music player skin

    review your visuname= setting, for reference its in carwings dynamic lite's skin.ini file

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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    Yay! Got it -- total user error

    On the off chance anyone knows -- can you make just the background of AVS transparent?

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