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Thread: Test skins for hardware you don't have?

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    Test skins for hardware you don't have?

    Is there a way to fake RR into thinking devices such as XM,Sirius, and Radio are present or suppressing the error message so you can test their skins? I know I can share my directed unit over my local network but I don't actually have satellite radio and this would help me test my skin before I release it.


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    I'm assuming the answer is no then? Maybe there's a better way to test what I want to do so I'm open to suggestions

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    wish I was able to answer for you
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    the only way i know of , and only just found this out myself, is to use a program that allows you to take control of a usb device over the net off some ones computer ,

    otherwise i can't see anyway to fake a device

    hence why alot of skinners on here that try to skin for devices they do not have , use others as beta testers ,
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    selecting "wintv" in radio will let you load the radio skin to check it out

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    Setting port to "-1" will put HDradio and XM skins in test mode. You will have to edit rr.ini manually I think because RRconfig does not like "-1" as a port number.
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    I think that it did at one point but was removed, cant remember off the top of my head...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue ZX3 View Post
    I think that it did at one point but was removed, cant remember off the top of my head...
    just tried "-1"... Still works for xm and hd radio

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    Awesome! Thanks fixer.

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    You should be able to test any screen by using the "LOAD" command to load the .skin -- having the hardware is always the best way to test, but it's not required. In any case asking someone to test is always an option. It's very nice of you to want to provide screens for features you do not have, so it's only fair for us (users who will benefit from it) to help you test it.
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