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Thread: Best RR Skin

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    Best RR Skin

    I am looking for a good RR skin that would work well with Microsoft Streets & Strips 2010 (maybe provide a better interface).

    Here's what I have/need support for:
    Windows 7
    Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010
    BU-353 GPS Receiver
    Rearview USB webcam

    I can also get MapPoint for free through an educational program, but it seems that S&T is more oriented towards the consumer (which I get free legally as well).
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    I don't have my TruckPuter yet (this week hopefully!) but last night i was playing with the DigitalFX 4.0 skin and i like it the best so far. I have only played with about 4hrs, but so far this looks like what i will be using. you can check it out and get it here...

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    check out reborn works well

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    hands down the best in my opinion is DFX4, i hear DFX5 is in the works, i would also be on the lookout for teknikX another very nice user friendly RR skin, mad props go out to the developers of those skins, streets and trips doesnt integrate as smoothly as i would like in any RR skin, however DFX it doesnt look bad.

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    I don't think there is a BEST skin For RR ,

    what a Best skin is ,1 that meets all your needs, easy to edit and add to if required,
    i feel that all skins that have been release are very good skins in thier own right ,
    some are small and light some are heavy with features ,
    either way most skins will Not fit every 1's requirements.

    the only way to make a best skin , is make it yourself , this way it will be the best skin
    it meets your requirements ,
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    There are some skins that offer some specific screens for controlling S&T but there's a very complete integration with mappoint if you can get that installed (it also requires a skin with mappoint screens) -- that's what I actually use most of the time, I would not even bother with S&T myself. Regarding "BEST" it really just depends on what you want to run and your personal taste for graphics. If you don't have HD radio, Sat Radio, or any fancy hardware, then most skins will likely work for you.
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